Feed Your Loved Geeks With These Gingerbread Delights

Christmas is almost here. You know what that means. It’s time to bake those delicious gingerbread cookies! If you have a loved one that has fallen to the dark side of geekery, surprise them with a batch of specially decorated cookies that celebrate their favorite game or movie.

Star Wars themed cookies are a classic, so you can never go wrong with gingerbread robots like C-3PO or R2-D2, but if you want to make something really special, try to build a whole AT-AT out of gingerbread. It can’t get more awesome than that!

No article about geeks could be complete without mentioning Super Mario or Pacman, and you can get some inspiration from these amazing pictures of retro game style gingerbread cookies. One truly devoted fan made a whole edible Mario world he named Super Mario Holiday, and we here at TBR tip our hats to the superfan. If you have knowledge about electronics and baking, you can go uber-geek and make a gingerboard, a replica of a computer motherboard that will surely impress your tech loving friends even before they start chewing on the capacitors and microcontrollers.

Now that you have some cool cookie decorating ideas, put your apron on and put a smile on a geek’s face.

Dovtor Who gingerbread

Motherboard gingerbread

Pacman arcade gingerbread

Star Wars gingerbread

Super Mario gingerbread

Mmm..don’t mind if I do {snatches Toad and bites his puny head off}. If you liked these gingerbread goodies, you’ll probably want to check out these strange stocking stuffers as well.

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