5 Female Fictional Characters to Bring in a Battle. Would You Win?

Given the rise of superhero movies in today’s cinema industry, there are plenty of options for anyone to make alliances and win wars with the help of some badass guys out there. Imagine yourself as a fictional character in a movie who needs to fight the good fight against evil forces. Who would you call in by your side? The Avengers team? Or maybe Superman would be enough to restore the balance? Would you desperately call Alfred and see if Batman is available by any chance, or he’s bound to protecting Gotham and he’s not servicing other cities or countries? Would Spiderman be a choice? Now, if we take a look over the most fierce and fearless superheroes who make movie box – offices to explode, the choices are wide and there is little room for error. But how about if there were only female superheroes available? In a world where all the cape crusaders, costumed fellas and muscle – packed superheroes would be busy doing something heroic in another part of the galaxy and you’d have only women to help you win a conflict with some monsters or aliens, which are the best female fictional characters to bring in a battle? Today we will look at five badass women in movies and see who might be your best ally in a life or death confrontation to save the world.

1. Lara Croft

lara croft

Granted, Lara has her own agenda and adventures to leave us breathless, but if you’d call her and ask for help, would she be able to save the day? Our bet is that she would, not only because she is a skilled fighter, but because among all the female fictional characters to bring in a battle, she is the most tech – savvy, resourceful, well – connected and imaginative. So fighting next to her would bring you the advantage of high – tech weaponry and some ingenious ways of making it alive.

2. Daenerys Targaryen

daenerys targaryen

Well, she’s not a soldier per se, but The Mother of Dragons has impeccable marketing skills when she has to build an army, and since we all know what’s about to come next in the Game of Thrones TV series, the woman manages her troops like a true commander. And she has dragons. Enough said.

3. Katniss Everdeen

katniss everdeen

Among the female fictional characters to bring in a battle against evil menace, Katniss is the most skilled when it comes to surviving and messing up with her opponents’ plans. We’re still not sure she can match Hawkeye in shooting arrows, but she has definitely a strong will to live against all odds and stir the waters enough to make the system crumble and fall. Who knows, maybe the evil forces would dissipate by default if she manages a riot to rise among the enemies’ own troops.

4. Hermione Granger

hermione granger

Well… if other female fictional characters to bring in a battle have military skills, weaponry, survival skills or dragons, Hermione has magic. She could just cast a spell and pufff! evil forces disappear into the void. But if we took a closer look on how magic works in the movies, even Gandalf had to engage in sword fighting and strategy building, so apparently magic has its own limitations. But Hermione is a powerful ally nonetheless and you should be proud she’s fighting by your side.

5. Black Widow

black widow

Unfortunately, she has only super – human skills in combat, but no magic and no dragons. Still, she is born and bred for standing against enemies and if you manage to capture one of the bad guys’ soldiers, you certainly want her to conduct the interrogation. She is an awesome gun fighter and has some moves, not to mention she’s fearless.


river tam

The list of fictional female characters to bring in a battle should also leave some room for Buffy and River Tam from Firefly. Buffy is Buffy and it would be an honor for you to fight by her side, while River… that is a girl to fear when she gets serious. What is your favorite badass woman you’d choose to call when the dark forces threat this peaceful planet?

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