Finger Monkeys – Too Small To Be Real

Ever held finger monkeys in your hand before? What’s a finger monkey, you ask. Well, believe it or not, it’s a monkey the size of a human finger. They got their name because of their size and the fact that they cling to your fingers when you try to hold them.

The planet’s smallest living primates, finger monkeys are also known as pocket monkeys or tiny lions.

Indigenous to the rain forests of Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia, the common finger monkey can grow up to 14 inches. Don’t let a finger monkey’s looks fool you. Its claws are extremely sharp, and when a provoked, these pygmy marmosets can wreak havoc like you’ve never seen.

11 Finger Monkeys You Might Not Resist

I’m clinging for dear life!

It turns out this rug is as soft as advertised. Testing complete.

I was in the middle of a goddamn nap, and you just had to wake me! Why!

I’m fascinated by that cat in the corner. He thinks he can outwit me. Oh, how little he knows.

This is like an amusement park ride from hell.

I’m old man finger monkey magoo, and my arm and hand are freakishly human. That said, I’m extremely far to the right and don’t believe in evolution. Other finger monkeys have ostracized me.

I just learned that I can keep my balance in any situation. Oh hell yea! I’m gonna bring home the gold in the finger monkey Olympic games. Or not, because I refuse to take finger monkey steroids, but all things being equal, I would win.

Wait, who thought this would be a good idea again?

I’m number 1! Number 1!

I’m still number 1.

Getting sleepy. Probably because I’m bored. I haven’t been this bored since I went to the finger monkey Phil Collins concert and he sang three different versions of ‘Sussudio’ back to back to back.

Cute Enough?

So, how bout it? Would you want a finger monkey as a pet? If you want information about how to obtain one of these critters, you can buy this e-book for only $1. It has information about where to purchase one and how to care for the animal. Get a copy by clicking here.

The book lists specific sellers of the pet, which is information that is not easy to come by. It is an excellent guide, written by a finger monkey expert. We give it our TBR stamp of approval.


  1. Sorry NIX I can’t think of anything more Debbie Downer than you wanting one. That kind of selfishness is why we have abused animals in this country and animals going extinct. The fact that we take beautiful birds and lock them in a cage for our own personal enjoyment is just shallow as it gets. Leave the animals where there at and they will be fine

  2. okay ppl who think its funny to say something about eating one of these she not be even allowed to owna child cause they are cute as hell to whats the diff??

  3. Ok just stop arrgueing yes not all of these monkeys look the same and that’s because their all finger monkeys but different types of finger monkeys.

  4. These are so cute!!! I had a spider monkey a long time ago and if their anything like those I’m sure it would be a fun pet.. =D

  5. Hey people I ? these monkeys. They r sooooooooo CUTE. I want 1 so badly. Where can I get 1. And some1 said tat they r illegal but the article doesn’t say they r. R they illegal in the US? monkeys! Monkeys! Monkeys! Yay. O p.s. plzz answer the question about weather they r illegal or not thanxs.

  6. once ive found one little human in the holy woods and it was so very cute when it was tiny but when it grew bigger it started to get to expensive to be fed so i wasnt able to feed meself what made me hungry … so ive decided: planet of the apes for the win!!!

  7. To fake name : finger monkeys are legal in the US. Oh and elizebeth saying that we want one isn’t bragging . Like what harm is it doing ? If we say we want one that doesn’t mean were gonna get one . Like really I’m an animal lover too. I am a strict vegetarian. And you arnt an animal lover you just love animals because they are cute , cuddly , or if they are fluffy. A real animal lover wouldn’t eat meat or would go agaisnt dog fighting. All it doing is causing drama so just stop. I’m so sorry to all the ppl that told us to say something nice or don’t say nothing at all. I just thought something should be said. Bye the I think they r cute but I won’t say I want one because some ppl get mad. Peace out

  8. i take that back, 2 people spelled it right. quick lil’ english lesson: they’re= they are. e.g. they’re cute, they’re awesome, etc.

  9. Hi, to arie first of all thanks for answering my question also I am an animal lover and wish I was a vegetarian but I do eat some meat. I don’t only like animals because they’re cute for example an armadillo to most people isnt all that cute but to me they r and theyr awesome yay yay yay yay yay

  10. so i cant talk about how cute the monkeys r and how sick bitch can post how they want to get eaten out by one ant that a bitch. i really wish people would start standing up for the right thing and check people who r sick and demented,but hey this isnt a free country for the the people with morals only for the proverse sick demonic individuals such as your selves for allowing this shit

  11. Some of the people on her are really nasty.. But the Monkeys are absolutly ADORABLE!! And You know what I have one!!

  12. What a stupid comment about the drugs. It is incredible what ignorant people can say…. And yes I am Colombian!

  13. Ever since I seen these little monkeys I’ve been in love with them would you please let me know how and where I can get one.They are just so precious. I love all animals but these precious little sweeties took over my heart

  14. I totally enjoyed the pictures and the mini lesson on finger monkeys.I just recently found out that they even exist and would love to see them in person.This was a neat piece and I appreciate the work that was done to introduce the monkeys to us.
    Great job!!!
    Dianne Shannon

  15. They’re so cute!!! I’ve been doing a lot of research
    online and now I want one of these cuties.

  16. To debbie jo Jackson: You dont have to swear on the internet like really? And to fake name: your welcome. lus becoming vegitarian is really hard

  17. You can certainly say how narrow-minded some people are by reading idiot comments like the one about the drugs… I mean, it’s totally out of place! what does it have to do with the monkeys on the first place?… I am colombian and I find it completely offensive, disrespectful and STUPID! Why don’t you do some f*cking research and learn a bit more before posting something like that?… then you would perhaps realize that most of the colombian people have move on from something that happened 20 YEARS AGO and that the most part of the cocaine that is still produced is consumed… guess where? oh yes, in the United States!! OOPS!

  18. To berenjena: AGREED. I mean we are on this web site for the finger monkeys not drugs, or drama. well ily evryone who is NICE on this site. Ta-ta till next time : )

  19. i wanna finger monkey on my b-day and i am goin to get i dont care wat mom say i am goin to take it with ever i go to and i love finger monkey i am in love with them

  20. to stacey: first of all you need to have a lisence to get one and they cost over 900,000$.the cage is aboit 1,000 and the food and supplies are about 7,000 so yeah EPIPC FAIL

  21. @ renne baker: They could cost from 1,000-2,000$ so u might want to start saving!! :3 and everyone plz dont post disturbing comments like ” they look tasty” or ” I feed them to my snakes” Some people dont like that so keep ur crude comments to ur self.

  22. These are sooo cute.. Love them. Whoever is talking rubbish about monkeys here they should know that in India and in some more countries monkeys are like god. So please don,t write bullshit. They are so Adorable like a child. 🙂

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