The first 8-Bit pixelated motorcycle

Designer Justin Harder of Harder Studios has created the world’s first pixelated motorcycle. Not exactly a Harley-Davidson, but it will probably attract the same amount of attention.

He used painted wood to create the body of the motorcycle and then attached it to a couple of wheels. He also created accessories, like a pixelated wooden motorcycle helmet.

This motorcyle is essentially a real-life dirtbike from the classic Nintendo game ExciteBike. So, if you ever had the urge to play that game on an actual street, outside the confines of a virtual world, now’s your chance. Give Justin Harder a call.

All Harder has to do next is build a pixelated stadium as well as several other pixelated bikes to recreate the game in full. Given enough time, perhaps this can become a reality. 🙂

Harder isn’t the only one making 8-bit objects; these guys made a large 8-bit costume for a Toshiba commercial.


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