Beautiful Floor Lamp Ideas to Make You Rethink Your Home Decorations

Whether you’re just moving into a new home, giving your home a complete makeover or simply choosing some key elements to give your home a new feel, lighting should always be something to focus on. The truth is that no space is truly complete until lighting has been taken care of, no matter how stylish that particular space is. You need to set the mood and provide adequate illumination, and decorators recommend a combination of task, accent and general lighting in order to properly accent a room. So we decided to show you some of the most beautiful floor lamps since they fulfill two roles: they are both functional and decorative. So relax and take a look at our collection of beautiful lamps.

Lights and Shadows- The Romantic Floor Lamp

If you’re already set with general lighting and all you need is a tasteful element to bring the room together (and maybe add a delicate accent or a note of your personality into the mix), such a lamp is the perfect solution.



Whether short or tall, hidden behind a reading chair or put in the middle of the room where your friends can notice the accents, placement is all up to you. Just make sure you search for such an item as it can totally change the aspect of a room. 4 5

Unique Accents

There are other possibilities when choosing a lamp- you can always search for those designs that incorporate other elements, such as this beautiful lamp with the attached branches that would be perfect for your winter cottage or vacation house.


Three’s a Charm

Although less is more in certain cases, you can opt to combine several lamps so that you get the desired effect and if you can find lamps that belong together (of different heights maybe or different widths) you can perfectly highlight your reading corner or tea spot. The key is to make everything fit in together so you do need a bit of space when fitting in three large floor lamps such as these in a room.


A Bit of Orient

If you’re a fan of orient-inspired elements you can always opt for such a floor lamp that makes your mind drift to Chinese decoration styles. Pair your lamp with an elegant room divider that shares the colors of your lamp and you’re all set.


Quirky and Out of the Box

There are other types of lamps that look completely different than what you’ve been used to seeing and if your personality is fond of completely original and crazy things, make sure that your decoration endeavors reflect this (at least in part). This geometric lamp that looks like it was pulled out of a Star Wars movie is the perfect example of weird yet tasteful lamp. The dim lighting, the asymmetric light origin and the perfect placement will surely impress your guests.


Do it Yourself Floor Lamp

Why not consider a do it yourself floor lamp that could perfectly reflect how you see your ideal space? If you need a bit of help ask an electrician for some advice, but building such a lamp isn’t really that complicated and you’ll surely enjoy the quality time spent with yourself.


Futuristic Lover

If your home is decorated in a minimalist style with lots of grey accents or if you want to distinguish a special space such as an office or reading corner, you could also go for some futuristic looking lighting elements such as this oversized floor lamp that looks absolutely stunning. Put it next to a simple reading chair or an all-white armchair and you’re all set to read the best book of your life in the company of a delicious glass of wine.


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