Football fans in Europe are crazy

mybossthinkiamhome “My Boss Think I’M Off Sick” made by Irish supporters on away trip

acab A.C.A.B stands for “All cops are bastards” and it’s used by hooligans and convicts all over the globe. This picture is from Russia, these two guys in front of hundreds of cops with a banner like that must be very brave or crazy!

pigfootball Football match in Poland, fans are throwing a pig in the field.These fans blurred their faces so police can’t recognize them. Poland has most hard core hooligans in Europe.

englandstriker In England, when his favorite team scored everyone start to celebrate, but this guy gets naked. Check out the kids face expression.

dollatstadium Austria, a guy with a doll trying to offend rival fans.

keyboardsbulgaria Fans from Bulgaria with banner “Against modern football, against internet hooligans” holding lots of keyboards in the air. Many young people represent themselves as hooligans on the internet but in real life they are something different. Sounds familiar?

kiddrinkfootball This little kid is celebrating a trophy different then others.. He took a bottle of champagne. Stay classy!

laziochinese Lazio fans from Rome, Italy are famous as right-wing fans, their supporters from Asia are crazy or just extreme stupid.

messagetothecops Poland, a message to the cops.They put a lot of effort in this.

polandfootball In Poland hooligans banners are inside of stadiums, interesting photo with players lying on the ground.

priestfootball Greece, home of crazy football fans.At this match we can see Christian priest cheering for his team.

basketballitaly Italy.OK this is not clearly football, it’s basketball match, but all of this supporters are at first place football fans, and then they support their basketball team. At this match they choose very strange way to support team, but a great way to offend their rival.
In Barcelona, when their team become champion of Europe , things on streets were little out of control.


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