Fully-Functional Nintendo Controller Coffee Table

Here’s a must-have piece of living room furniture for all you pasty-faced gamers out there: a coffee table that doubles up as a fully-functional Nintendo NES controller! Thanks to Charles Lushear, the product’s designer, you no longer have to worry about being unable to rescue Zelda once your fingers become crooked from all that intricate, tiresome button-pushing: you can just switch to this gigantic controller and thump your fists or the palms of your hands against the oversized buttons, and voila, your perilous quest continues!

Standing at 18″ tall, 42″ long and 18.25″ wide, the piece (which costs $3,500) consists of maple, mahogany and walnut, has been constructed with dovetail joinery and rests on mid century modern legs. It comes with a rectractable cord that can connect to your Nintendo console when you wish to start playing away, and also a glass covering for when you wish for it to function as just an ordinary (or not so ordinary) coffee table. It’s also a handy device for mythical giants – hey, they like Zelda, too!

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