Fun advertising photography by Vincent Dixon

water-falling For over 15 years, Vincent Dixon has produced award winning images and helped to create many memorable advertising campaigns. He was born in Kilkenny, Ireland and, despite earning a PHD in molecular biology, he eventually found his true calling behind the lens. Vincent started his professional career in Paris and quickly was awarded some of the top campaigns in Europe such as Absolut Europe and Perrier. Those highly visible campaigns, among others, quickly gained him notoriety throughout both Europe and North America.

bruce-lee cross-eyes dracula shark theprisoner spit smoke-drink anstain 2-drinks i-want-you in-an-abspult-world fingers-off spontex twister photo-booth bowling absolut-world bath-pig astronaut football-wall red-card-gladiator no-home pepsi-monkey pepsi-space dog-stucked-2 fish-tank dog-stucked In 1998, Vincent relocated to New York City, where he currently resides with his wife and their four children. Underwater photography has never been more exciting than this, check it out.


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