Fun Dog Expressions During Car Rides

If you have a dog you probably know how they just love to stick out their head through the window while you are driving. You have probably spotted other dogs do that as well on the high way. The feel of the wind in their fur is just something that fascinates them I guess.

Maybe they have the need for speed, who knows? Here you have a selection of photos that have captured the dogs’ faces in 50mph speed. They all look different but the wavy lip and ears are classic. I can’t help it but think: “What if the dog falls out?” every time I see one of those cuties with their head hanging out the car window. Speaking of dogs this is the Britain’s ugliest one, but he has found his luck with great owners.


  1. Coralie Reinhart – I love your pics of the dogs! Do you ever go down to the Beagle rings? I am so missing our girl Binky, She is Al-Cor’s Sweet Song of Great Oaks, this is her first weenekd with a Handler, and AI am hoping the weather is good, the dogs are good and everyone has a good time. I just wish I were there too.

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