Fun Fitness Facts You Didn’t Know

Just like dieting, working out and exercising has quite a few experts wrapped up in debates. What is good, what is bad, and what is better? It’s always difficult to tell due to the sheer mass of opinions scribbled around the internet or directly coming from the mouths of personal trainers. However, most would agree with one thing: it works differently for everyone.

No matter the routine or how efficient it is, our bodies are different, and the same exercise could show varied results on certain people. Few things remain unchanged, so here are some fun fitness facts that you might’ve not known before. Exercise is as serious as you make it.

Your Booty is The Largest Muscle in Your Body

woman doing butt exercise

Keep working it, as there are tons of exercises that would define the gluteus maximus. It’s likely where you’ll first notice the results, and how well you fit into a new pair of jeans. Be it squats, running, or anything else that puts those muscles to work, you will be able to tell in no time.

Your Calf Muscles Produce The Most Force, And Your Jaw The Most Pressure


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The soleus muscle, the one that helps you walk and stand, is capable of producing the most force. That is why the best advice you will receive is that you need to “push with your legs, not your back”. It will save you a few injuries as long as you remember that. Your legs are far more powerful than your back muscles will ever be.

Your jaw, however, will produce the most pressure. In fact, the human jaw has impressive capabilities, able to muster up strength of 975 pounds for 2 seconds. Imagine what your food is going through. It is lucky that is the standard for adults because you are far more likely to be bitten by a kid. One can only picture the pain if that were the case.

Your Heart is Your Body’s Hardest Worker

woman jogging

It’s important to care for our hearts in every sense of the word. Physically, it has exceptional capabilities, and cardiovascular disease is still the leading killer in numerous countries, including the United States. Our heart is doing its best, though. It beats approximately 100,000 times per day, constantly working to keep your blood flow going. It pumps around 2,000 gallons of it per day, and it takes just 1 minute for all your blood to go through your entire body once. Exercise your heart to give it a helping hand.

Fat is Released Through Breathing

breathing while exercising

It seems that fat is actually released through carbon dioxide once we breathe out. So, yes, it’s definitely a component, no matter how automatic it may be, to help us remove the extra fat. However, don’t start breathing rapidly just yet in order to trim down some pounds. Your lungs cannot do it by themselves. You will still need to establish a calorie deficit when it comes to intake versus consumption.

However, whatever fat is not turned into carbon dioxide is released from our bodies through bodily fluids, such as sweat. Breathing it out helps, though. While you’re exercising, you can release around 2377.8 gallons of air per hour.

Sweating is Not The Ultimate Sign of Weight Loss

sweaty man jogging

Perhaps it’s viewed as the prime hint that your workout is working and that you are well on your way to burning that fat and building those muscles. However, it’s not the indicator you may believe it is. You will sweat sitting on the beach sipping margaritas, but do you really think you will lose weight? No. Most of that is just water, and will be replenished once you hydrate yourself. Just because you’re sweating does not mean you’re losing weight, and not sweating during a workout does not mean your muscles aren’t hard enough at work.

Exercise Will Land You A Better Sex Life

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Exercising leads to longer cardio workouts, more energy, and a much, much better body image of yourself, which ultimately will result in confidence. Need there be said more?

Good Body, Happy Life

happy after exercising

It’s not a general rule, of course, but studies have shown that exercise not only boosts your confidence, it also makes you a happier person due to the chemicals released during an intense workout. If you have seen Legally Blonde, there is a line that offers the gist that “Exercise makes people happy. Happy people don’t kill other people.”. It’s likely as ridiculous as it sounds in that particular context, and no one is saying that it’s the only thing that will keep you away from killing people, but there is truth to Elle Woods’ words.

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