Fun Things to do in a Relationship

We all know how difficult it is to keep a relationship going and more importantly, always interesting and entertaining. Things don’t get easier as time goes by, not only because the pink glasses (that feeling of being in love and how it makes everything look better) come off at some point, but also because people get used to one and other and activities enter the mundane. Don’t dismay however, instead of fearing these moments when doubt sets in, find fun and creative ways of counteracting them. Here is a list of some fun things to do in a relationship, to help you go over the most trying of times.

Set New Goals


Men are practical beings so deciding to create something new, to renovate or simply set a new goal for the relationship can make them find motivation you never knew they had. Ambition will drive the both of you a long way so decide together what you want your life to look like in the future and begin to take baby steps towards your new found ideals. Whether you decide to paint the bedroom or redecorate the living room, build a pond or a swimming pool, it will create new memories and also make the bond between you much stronger.

Find New Activities You can do Together


When you and your significant other first met, you would go to movies, dancing, wine tasting or skating together but as a relationship progresses and as people become more intimate, it’s easy to substitute a night out for an evening of watching series on the couch. So actively seek activities that require you to explore new situations. Decide to take a dance course, visit an art class or begin roller skating together. If this doesn’t strike you as interesting, find another hobby that also involves your mans’ practical abilities- cycling for instance, where he will revel in repairing or replacing bicycle parts.


Remember to go out on Dates


Just because you have been together for 10 years doesn’t mean that dating is no longer required. Your special ladies need the opportunity to feel cherished, loved and beautiful and lads need to spruce up their gentleman skills. Plan ahead for a perfect date once every two weeks where romance, wine and a good time are a prerequisite. In the long run it will mean the world for both of you.

Visit New Places

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After a certain point, people fail to make new memories and if life keeps them in the same places, they retread the same ground forever. Decide on going to cities you’ve never been before, visiting other countries, spending your nights in hotels you don’t know so that you always make new memories together. There is lots of fun in winging it and going on a crazy weekend together. Blindfold your special someone and have them point somewhere on the map and off you go!

Try Out New Things in the Bedroom


It isn’t taboo to talk about such things and as we all know, after you’ve been with someone for a while, things can get a bit monotonous where sex is concerned. A little effort in this department could do wonders for both of you even if sex toys, whips or handcuffs don’t necessarily sound appealing when you first hear it. If you aren’t willing to try out such radical things, consider candle wax or roleplaying games that can end up in such good sex it will surprise you.

And never forget that relationships take tremendous effort and two people who desperately want to make it work- the ups and downs are inevitable but when you go past them together, the satisfaction is immense.

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