The 16 Funniest Photoshopped Looter and Rioter Images

by Will Conley

You’ll notice the title of this post makes a distinction between looters and rioters. Looters are people who break stuff in order to steal things. Rioters are people who break stuff for great justice.

Even if said great justice is poorly articulated.

You may not think there is anything funny to be said about a plague of riots that ended up killing and injuring scores of people and causing untold structural and financial damage to the great cities of England.

Alas and as usual, your opinion is wrong. Some of us here at This Blog Rules happen to think everything is funny. Not because of some high-minded positive outlook on life, but because we are sick and in need of psychiatric treatment, preferably the kind that involves a bone saw and an ice pick.

No, it’s not too soon. In fact, it’s a bit tardy. It’s a good thing the people behind the now-famous website Photoshop Looter and its lesser-known offshoot Photoshop Rioter had our backs.

Beginning on August 9, 2011, Photoshop Looter began posting doctored images of the chaos while it was still going on. The apparent mission of PL is to make the looters look as ridiculous as possible.

Both of the sites blew up in popularity, and now there is allegedly a book in progress, with funds to support the cleanup efforts. So any prudes who think it’s wrong to laugh at tragedy can think about that until their hair lights up like a red double-decker.

We poured through the dozens of submissions featured on PL and PR and picked out our ten LOL-worthy favorites. All of them speak for themselves, but we’re comment on them anyway…

The newest Olympic event for 2012: Riot Marathon. So really, this whole thing was just practice, and we should be congratulating the rioters on their level of dedication.


Little do the rioters know, they're just going to have to give up their boxes of loot to the evil archaeologists at Scotland Yard.


And the cops were like, "Oh, hi Godzilla. What's that, boy? You wanna rape and ravage the town? Take a number. We're not impressed."


Oscar the Grouch finally got the crappy world he always seems to wish for. Look at the smile on that face.


And five, six, seven eight. Step, step, turn, loot! Riot hands! And again!


I am your great leader. You will listen to the little man on my right hand, and you will hate the little man on my left hand.


The riot ended when the riot police and the misguided youth of England joined hands for a good-natured round of Double Dutch.


The best thing about riots? All the free pussy.


I wuv you. I wuv you, widdle guy. This is my little guy. I think he's a cat, or a dog. He is mine and I wuv him.


These guys won the Midwest Regional Award for Fastest and Most Poorly Uniformed Marching Band.


It's a sad day when Oscar the Grouch's idea of a beautiful world spreads to the rest of the Sesame Street crew like a virus.


"It says 'Right Hand Gun.' I don't understand. That's fucking impossible at this point."


"And as your great leader, you will hold this graven image in the highest regard. Relinquish your Christ and follow us."


This looks nothing like a riot, and everything like those kids will never fit in the one pool. But whatever.


We just think this is the shit. There is nothing to say but that.


RoboCop 4: Judgment Day

The hilarity of memes tends to rely on the cumulative effect: the more of them you view, the funnier they become.

Author Will Conley’s opinions are correct.

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