Funny Advertisement Fails

Sofa King Clever

Funny Advertisement Fails and Sofa Advertisement

I only have one thing to say about this advertisement; whoever came up with this was Sofa King clever!

What a sick joke!

Funny Advertisement Fails and Duck Phobia

Why would you put a picture of a duck in an article about Anatidaephobia – the fear of ducks constantly lurking from afar watching you. I can’t tell if this was a sick joke or just sheer coincidence.


Take a sheet anywhere, everywhere!

Funny Advertisement Fails and Sheets

What better way to sell your product than to make your tagline sound unbelievably wrong on so many levels of wrong? Take a sheet anywhere, take a sheet everywhere you go!


Don’t Leave that Door Open


Funny Advertisement Fails and Starbucks

You know it’s a bad idea to put the company’s name on the side of the van, especially when it starts with “S” and ends with “ucks”. I wouldn’t leave that door open if I were you.





It would be a lot less disturbing if the text beside didn’t say “Mmm..Fabulous!”


If The Whole Body Fits…


Funny Advertisement Fails and CD

If the shoe fits, you’re more than welcome to wear it. Well in this case, if the whole body fits. Although I must admit, he’s rockin’ that body.


Trashy Print Model

Funny Advertisement Fails and Nestle Print Model

It’s cool to be a print model. Especially when it’s for a company as big as Nestle. Just make sure they don’t put the dumpster beside your picture with your tongue sticking out.




Funny Advertisement Fails And Magazine

It’s either the layout artist of this magazine thought it was funny or…. providence is just telling her that her sister didn’t accidentally kill herself. Whichever works.

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