15 Adorable Animals that Forgot How to Animal

Pets are incredible to have around. Sure, their fur falls off, they might break your things or even lick the butter, but nothing compares with their sincere happy faces when you come home. Companionship is essential for humans, but we run such hectic lives that we can’t always be socially active. It is amazing when you have a true buddy that eagerly expects you to return from work, and does not question you about your mistakes. Nevertheless, there are moments when pets prove smarter than we might think. Today we would like to share with you a few animals that forgot how to animal. While some photos are coincidental, the others are of animals that were trained to do the trick.

It is common knowledge that a pet will pick up the behavioral patterns of his owner, so could it be that these little guys were simply trying to fit in the everyday life of their owners? Let’s take a look at the funniest images:

1.     The Business Dog


What could happen if you leave your office unattended? Nothing much, only your dog answering calls and talking to clients, maybe. This adorable little dog tried to help his master with work.

2.     Electrician Cat


There is no shortage of funny cat images on the internet. We have actually, recently shared the 15 Adorable Cats with Unique markings post. We simply had to share this one as well. This furry friend probably has no idea what he’s doing, but at least he’s doing his best, right?

3.     The Construction Expert


Before you begin to panic you should know that this is nothing but a trick shot. The dog isn’t actually operating the construction tool. Still, it’s funny to see him on it.

4.     Well Hello there, do you come here often?


This is one of the best shots I have ever seen of a dog on a swing. Just look at him. He’s minding his own business, chilling, and checking out cute gals. He doesn’t seem at all distressed at the idea that his owners put him on the swing.

5.     A Night Out


The first question that came to my mind was how the dog was allowed in the bar. Then I couldn’t get passed the funny situation. The dog looks so relaxed and happy with his glass of wine and cigarettes.

6.     Gardening Guinea Pig


Guinea pigs are undoubtedly the sweetest, most adorable pets in the world. They look cute whatever they do, but this image is truly an overdose of cuteness. This is one of the best photos of an animal that forgot how to animal.

7.     Surfer Dogs


What the best way to chill in the summer? Grab your four-legged buddies, hop on a surf-board and teach the humans how it’s done. Of course, you should not forget the safety vest.

8.     Sloths Care About their Education too


There are countless of sloth puns and funny images circulating on the internet. Here’s a great example. The natural question is who would even want a sloth as a pet? Many people! Sloths are actually very loving and gentle, and of course, they’re slow.

9.     Hedgehog’s Doing Human Things


Have you ever imagined a hedgehog driving, or riding a skateboard? Probably not. This doesn’t mean that they can’t do it. Here are two amazing photos of hedgehogs doing human things.

10.Baby Pandas


What can be better than a panda on a swing: of course, two pandas on a swing. Panda bears are surprisingly intelligent, and they can understand and replicate many human behaviors.

Bonus: Cat at the Spa



We hope you liked our list of 10 animals that forgot how to animal. Stay tuned for more images!  


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