Funny Door Signs That Don’t Make Sense

Do you remember the good old days when doors where simply things you used to get from one place to another? Who knew then that one day funny door signs would pop up all over the world and leave us all feeling confused?

The Push and Pull Sign

Funny Door Signs

I hate doors that don’t make it clear whether I need to push the blasted thing or pull it. I put this down largely to a nasty experience in my teenage years when my first day in my first ever job turned in a disaster because I couldn’t open the door. This sign could have helped me out and stopped my ears from burning with shame for about a decade afterwards.

The Do Not Enter Sign

Funny Door Signs

There is a strong streak of common sense running through this funny door sign. After all, if the door doesn’t open then very few people would be able to enter through it anyway.

The No Entry or Exit Door Sign

Funny Door Signs

Does anyone know what this door is useful for? I had always kind of naively assumed that for a door to be of some practical use you actually had to walk through it. It could be to exit in one direction or it could be to enter in the other direction but this one is neither.

The Other Door Sign

Funny Door Signs

This funny door sign just makes no sense at all. I guess that the person who typed it out was just trying to be helpful but wouldn’t there have been a better way of doing it? Maybe not.

The Back Door Sign

Funny Door Signs?

In this case I can definitely say that the evil fiend who made this sign was just trying to mess with our minds. How on Earth can the front door be round the back? You could spend all day at this place walking round in circles and trying to work out where you were.

The Not a Door Sign

Funny Door Signs

Things are getting really weird now. I’m not usually one to argue with signs but this one can’t be right, can it? It says that it isn’t a door but it really, really looks like one. Could it be a highly realistic painting of a door or just a plain old portal to a different universe?

The Unlocked Door

Funny Door Signs

There are times when you just have to put your faith in mankind. In this case, our only hope is that any robbers and rapists who casually wander past are really stupid.

The Dr Hedgehog Sign

Funny Door Signs

I can see how this could be annoying. If you went through life with a surname that was only a couple of letters away from being amusing then you would hate when people added those letters. In this case, Dr A Hedgeh has a sign on his door that some rascals just can’t resist added those letters to.

The Closed Door Sign

Funny Door Signs

I had never previously stopped to consider how many evils and dangers a closed door can protect us from. Cold air and water aren’t things I worry about too much but the danger of Daleks or Cybermen entering the local library is a big concern for anyone.

The Window Sign

Funny Door Signs

I can only guess what happened here. Unless I’m very much mistaken a fool left the door open and some Daleks entered. Well, after this the only sensible thing to do was turn it into a window instead. Problem solved.

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