6 Funny Group Games to Play at a Party- Adult Friendly Fun

So you’re at a party, alcohol is pouring, people are drinking, but there isn’t much fun being had. Either because people are too shy, don’t really know anyone there or aren’t keen on mingling, so it’s your job as a host to make sure that people get acquainted and begin having fun with one and other. A thing you could try is to organize some sort of group game as an ice-breaker and once the alcohol sinks in, people are already friendly and want to start enjoying themselves. We’ve gathered some of the best group games for you and your friends to try out, so have a go and decide which works best:


6. Zoom In

If you have a computer and a large screen at your disposal, as well as a good camera and some time to prepare yourself, you can have an extremely funny game to play. You photograph items and then show them in a PowerPoint presentation zoomed in. You can add prizes or have the losers drink shots, whatever works.

5. What You Can Buy

In the event that you have guests that are already friends, this game may be amazing to play. You set up teams of 5 players, have them go out and buy the best items they can with a budget of $5.

two truths and a lie pic

4. Two Truths and a Lie

This is an amazing ice-breaker game and makes people get to know one another. After each player writes down 3 sentences down (one lie and two truths), they take turns in reading them out loud and other players vote on which statement is a lie. You can have losers drink more or arrange for prizes for winners.

3. Telephone Charades

This game is especially good in larger groups as it is easy to play and funny. The goal is to have the player at the end of a line perform the best imitation of the original action (you make a list of actions and are therefore the judge of the game). People are split into two equal teams and everyone except one player is turned with their backs to you. After having explained the action to the first person in the line, they tap the back of the next person and imitate the action you named. This goes on from person to person until the last person is reached. As the judge, you decide which team had the most accurate action scene.

2. Purses, Pockets and Wallets

Players are split up into groups of five and asked to search their purses, pockets or wallets for different common objects that have been already put on a list. The first team to show the named object gain the point.

1. Halloween Trivia

Clearly only appropriate when the named holiday is approaching, this game is excellent for Halloween enthusiasts. There are downloadable Halloween Trivia worksheets on the internet, teams are then to be split into groups of 5-7 players and questions are simply asked randomly to players belonging to different teams. The judge decides which answers are correct and scores each team. You can also modify this game so that it includes general trivia, geography, history, physics or anything else your group of friends might be interested in and have a sort of bar trivia game (judges are always welcome since spirits might become agitated).

Whichever game you will choose, rest assured that it will work since people (no matter the age) absolutely love playing games (just look at the World Cup and how football is adored). You’ll certainly enjoy a unique and funny party that people will remember for a long time to come.

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