10 Furniture Ideas for Pets and Their Loving Masters

Even if you are a pet owner, chances are that you nave never considered how you’re pet will like improvements that you will bring to the home, or how it will fit in there. On the other hand, investing in furniture exclusively for your cat, dog, guinea pig, rabbit, tiny monkey or whatever you have running around the house might be a bit too much.

This is exactly why we have decided to compile a great list with Furniture ideas for pets and their loving masters. Most of them serve dual purposes, and create a perfect environment for the pet and owner to bond, or simply a comfortable retread for the furry friend to chill in. Most of the following examples of furniture work with the help of simple enhancements and functions. Let’s have a look, shall we?

1. Pet and Person Rocking Chair



Number one on our furniture ideas for pets list is the rocking chair. This rocking chair is ideal for both owner and animal. There is a neat place tucked away beneath it, where your pet can relax, without disturbing you. You can both rock in it together!

2. Cat Tunnel Sofa



This is definitely one of the most inventive furniture pieces that we have found. The “tunnel” supports the back, and also creates an interesting toy for your cat. And we all know how much kitties like to explore.

Designed by Seungji Mun

3. Coffee Table Hammoch



The coffee Table Hammock looks great, which makes it an excellent choice for the living room, and it can comfortably fit a kitty, without having to deal with the annoying hair that falls off.

4. Planter/Animal Home


Have you ever wished to take care of plants? Now you can do it, while also tending to your pet’s needs. The Planter/Animal home is basically a typical flower pot which is also a home for your animal. Its sleek and elegant design will make it a great fit for any interior.

Designed by Jardin Chic

5. Kitchen Dog Bowls


If there is one thing I hate about dogs, it is the fact that they always spill their bowls, and make a mess in the house. The Kitchen Dog bowls design will not only save you from this trouble, but also incorporate a much needed function, with the help of an inventive solution.

6. Cat-Friendly Modular Bookshelf



This cat-friendly Modular Bookshelf looks amazing, it is fully functional, and it can also help entertain your kitty, without having to make many concessions. Don’t these kitties look absolutely adorable?

Designed by Corentin Dombrecht

7. Dog House Sofa



Out of furniture ideas for pets? Here’s a good one: If you own a dog, you probably already know that wherever you go, he/she goes. So instead of having them dirty your sofa, why not prepare a spot for them, at your right side? The dog house Sofa looks great, and it is extremely useful.

8. Cat Transit System



If you are into steam-punk design, you will definitely love this Cat Transit System. The entire room was designed by Because we Can and it is basically a Mad Scientist’s Home Workshop, that also incorporates a transit system for your cat.

Designed by becausewecan.org

9. Pipeline Fish Tank



You didn’t think we would forget about fish, did you? The Pipeline Fish Tank is definitely te coolest fish tank you will ever see. You can install it over a home-bar, in the living room, or at the entrance of the kitchen, for example.

Image credits: The Contaminated

10. Bedside Table/Dog House


The last furniture idea for pets on our list is the Bedside Table/Dog House. Cats will probably not like it very much, as they prefer to sleep on weird surfaces rather than soft ones, but dogs will definitely love to not only sleep on a soft bed, but also to be as close to his master as possible.

We hope you liked these ideas, and if there are any other furniture ideas for pets that you have found, feel free to share them with us.

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