Futuristic 3D Glass Portraits of Celebrities

Combining modern technology with more traditional art techniques is an interesting symbiosis that can produce magnificent results. A Miami-based Indian-American artist, NFN Kalyan, took his hand drawn artwork and used a laser etching device commonly employed to make holograms; the result was spectacular 3D sculptures that wow everyone who views them.

If you’ve seen The Cell (Jennifer Lopez’s ambitious acting attempt), you must remember the scene with the horse getting sliced into pieces. The method used for these sculptures is pretty similar. There are several drawings that have no meaning on their own. They need to be combined with the others present layers of a complex structure. With the right lighting, over 20 glass panels with drawings engraved on them using the laser become one picture, creating a realistic human face.

Kalyan’s choice of models is quite colorful, from famous NBA player Lebron James,  to the Dalai Lama, to Barack Obama. The exhibition, entitled “Nature of the Beast,” portrays people that Kalyan finds interesting in some way.

While choosing the first African-American president of the United States or the Nobel Peace Prize winner seems quite obvious, some celebrities like Lebron James have intrigued the artist in a different way. The realistic effect of these portraits is truly astounding. When you’re in the same room with them, you almost feel like you’re standing face to face with a real person. If you love cool portraits, check out these colorful mosaic portraits created from old junkmail.

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