Game of Thrones Inspired Artworks and Fun Pics

Game of Thrones (both the entire “A Song of Ice and Fire” saga and the HBO TV series) managed to become so synonym to our culture nowadays, that you can’t go anywhere (on the Internet or down the street for that matter) and not find at least one reference, one quote, a meme (thousands, millions, even), creative art, punchlines, quotes and events. Everything seems to revolve around the greatest fantasy saga of all times and all the fans, in all corners of the planet, have one way or the other to show their loyalty, love and appreciation towards the plots and the characters.

It can take one a day or two to browse the endless funny pics and fan creations related to GoT, so we pulled up some courage and chose a few Game of Thrones inspired artworks and fun pics, only to show you that when it comes to your favorite book or TV series, nothing can stop you to be in the trends and surprise everybody with a creative idea.

Just as a friend of mine said a while ago, when you have an argument with your girlfriend and she ends her speech with GoT reference “You know nothing, John Snow!”, you know you’re in the best relationship ever. So let’s see what others had in mind related to Game of Thrones inspired artworks and fun pics and how you can get your own muse to work for you.

1. Dothraki love statement

The love statement between Khal Drogo and Daenerys Targaryen seems to be the best love quote that ever blessed contemporary culture. Some people handmade artworks that express this gorgeous feeling in English, as you can see here

dothraki love

…while others went for the real deal and started learning Dothraki, or at least using the two – liner quote to fully and deeply express their feelings. This pair of rings is something some couples I know would kill for to wear at their wedding

dothraki love1

If you want the full quote (although it would be odd not to know it by now, fan or no fan), it goes like this:

Woman to man: Shekh ma shieraki anni – My sun and stars

Man to woman: Jalan atthirari anni – Moon of my life

2. The Cake of Thrones

cake of thrones

Not this is among the best and most surprising Game of Thrones inspired artworks and fun pics, as imagining the work necessary to build that cake and the imagination necessary to threaten everybody in the cutest ways possible that they HAVE TO eat it, or else, one can only express the deepest respect for the creator and feel like taking a plunge into this delicious masterpiece.

3. Bar signs and original brews

Now Game of Thrones – books and TV series – inspired artworks you can admire with your jaw dropped, board games, video games, fan clubs, bannermen clubs that pledged their swords to the House of their choice, cosplay, handmade products and so many other stuff, it’s impossible to count down in only one list. And then… this thing:

bar sign

Memes Landing, by the way, is one of the best places to find Game of Thrones inspired artworks and fun pics and they always refresh the contents. So imagine our joy when seeing this and wishing that all bars, in all the cities in the world would have GoT inspired teas, coffees, beers or cocktails. What would a Daenerys Stormborn Fier Cocktail would contain? We will come back with news if we find some GoT inspired drinks. Because you can already cook like a GoT biggest fan!

4. The Unofficial Game of Thrones Cookbook

Now this is something to kill for! And then cook the pray or something. Artwork? Fun? Both! It prides itself of revealing around 150 Game of Thrones recipes that you came across in the book series. Now if you have the appetite of King Baratheon or the fine tastes of Tyrion Lannister, this one is for you. Applause and waiting for the one with the cocktails!

game of thrones cookbook

5. Cross-shows memes

Now these are by the dozen and can be found anywhere in the online world. One of the most obvious became viral on Facebook among fantasy lovers, as it was, you know, obvious. And crossed two fantasy worlds that together make humanity’s favorite places to dwell: the Ice and Fire universe and the Hobbit universe.

hobbit throne

Adorable indeed. And in an utopian Paradise, having both Smaug and Daenerys in the same movie would make the Earth shake and shiver under people’s stomping towards cinemas everywhere.

This one is even more interesting as a Game of Thrones inspired artwork and fun pics, not because Cersei is a breed of a woman we all love to hate, but because the association of the two royal women actually shows how much movie making evolved in the past decades together with our prejudice, values and beliefs. It was so wrong for Leia to kiss her brother, although Star Wars didn’t insist much on the concept of incest (as an honest, tolerable mistake), while in today’s world, Cersei and Jamie’s fraternal love, as against all morals, standards and principles as it is, actually managed to find its own justification.


So if you loved these Game of Thrones artworks and fun pics and memes, don’t forget to follow the sources and even come up with your own crazy and creative ideas. Feel free to share your own imagination projects related to the show we are all just dying to start already!

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