Five Cases of Avid Gamers who Outdid the Game Creators

Forget about Penicillin, medicine, robots and smart gadgets. The best invention in the world was without a doubt the video games, or to be more accurate, video games. When I was younger, I used to play tones of computer games. Unfortunately, not all of them were as amazing as Skyrim or World of Warcraft. They needed a bit of tweaking. Because I was no computer wizz, or a super hot cosplayer, I didn’t manage to outdo the game companies, but here are a few avid gamers that managed to live up to those dreams. We want to present to you five cases of video game fans who totally outdid the game companies.

1. Half-Life: Black Mesa


Half-Life is one of those games that immediately makes people sigh after thinking of it. It was so good, incredible, with such a powerful story and compelling characters, not to mention a breathtaking design, that it sold approximately eight million copies in five years. Please note that this happened during the time when computer games didn’t have as many possibilities as today. Some diehard fans, who also happened to be modders decided to take the game to a whole new level, in 2011, with a huge update. This update singlehandedly managed to improve overall graphical quality, and propel it eight years forward in terms of graphics and character animation.

We are not overpraising the Black Mesa team (because this is how they were called), especially since Valve itself, accepted the game on their game distribution site. In other words, they thanked the team for adding free improvements to one of their own games. Avid gamers will definitely love it!

2. Blood on the Asphalt

To pay tribute to the Super Street Fighter Turbo II game, a band of singers called OverClocked ReMix created a ton of remixes called Blood on the Asphalt. In other words, they took many of the original Street Fighter II songs, and remixed them in such a way that they would blow anybody’s speakers up. It is impossible not to want to find someone when listening to these songs. In the end, the band was hired by Capcom USA to create the soundtrack for Super Street fighter II Turbo HD Remix. This is only one of the numerous projects of this band, who has already created over 2500 remixes and 75 albums.

3. Shadows of Lylat


Star Fox wasn’t the most successful franchise for Nintendo, so instead of investing in it, they decided to occupy their time with other ones. In the meanwhile, a team of geeky developers decided to work on it themselves, and invented Shadows of Lylat. Their version was undoubtedly the best looking one in the series, that had the potential to drag this game out of anonymity. The sad news was that, even-though it had great graphics and phenomenal battles, development ceased in 2012. We will probably never see it finished.

4. Bioshock Infinite

You know you’re doing a great job with a game, when some hot chick comes along and decides to Cosplay to it. Bioshock Infinite is one of those games that received an incredible budget, and the results did not disappoint. It was hailed as one of the greatest video games of all times, and inspired Russian cosplay model Anna Moleva to do a photo shoot dedicated to it. Not only did she look better than a Vogue model, but she also nailed the pictorial completely. Irrational Games was so impressed with her work, that they actually hired her as an official model, and completely redesigned the character that they have been working for over the past years. Avid gamers be warned that Anna Moleva will sweep you off your feet, so get the proper gear.

5. Alien Swarm


Unreal Tournament 2004 received a 93% rating from Meta Critic, and it was still considered good enough to be improved by Valve in terms of graphics and game play. In 2010, a modded version of the game was released, which was developed by the original modders. In the end, Alien Swarm turned out better than Unreal Tournament, and besides graphical quality, it also brought better camera angle, characters and classes. The best news was the fact that it was completely free. 

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