The Gentleman’s Guide: 8 Things Every Respectable Man Should do

Chivalry may be considered dead, but there are still many respectable gentleman who aspire to become first-class gentlemen. The word, can have very different meanings to people. It usually means the generic man, or a dependable guy, but if you were to read the gentleman’s guide you would understand that there is a lot more to it, than simply becoming a reliable person.

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Considering that chivalry is something very rare in this day and age, and even though the definition of a gentleman has changed with evolving times, there are still certain principles that have remained the same. Here are 10 essential things that you must respect in order to be a perfect gentleman (and ultimately, become happier)

8. Be in Control at all Times

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It is true that you cannot control everything that happens around you, but you can definitely be in control of your actions, regardless of the situation. The choices you make, define you as a person, so in order to become a perfect gentleman, you must learn how to handle problems, and maintain a calm, cool attitude. Obviously, it is probably impossible to be in control at all times, but a gentleman will always try to be perfect.

7. Exercise Kindness

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People will generally advise you to be an opportunist, to learn how to take advantage of situations (even people), but very rarely they will talk to you about kindness. In this day and age, kindness is not one of the most valued qualities, but it is one that a gentleman (and every human being for that matter) should have. Kindness doesn’t mean much. A phone-call to your relatives once in a while, a small gift, or helping out a neighbor are more than enough to assert your dominance as a gentleman.

6. Have Self-Confidence

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Every great gentleman has it: Tom Hiddleston, James Bond, Ian Somerhalder and many other. It is called self-confidence, and to simply define it, we will say that it is the power that comes from within. The little voice in your head that says, you’re awesome. Not to be confused with being conceited.

5. Respect EVERYONE

Number five on our gentleman’s guide is respect. No matter if you are talking with the president of the United States, or a hobo, as a gentleman you should always be respectful. Looking down your nose at someone who seems to be lower down the food chain is not only a sign of disrespect, but also one of ungentlemanly behaviour. Every person in this world is worthy of respect, and if you believe otherwise, you are gravely mistaken.

4. Keep the Swearing to a Minimum

Although certain peers might have you believe otherwise, there is nothing cool about swearing. Granted, there are circumstances when a swear can be like a cathartic blast, but when in society, such situations are less likely. So instead of dropping the f-bomb on your friends every time you have the chance, why not have the innate calmness and confidence to express yourself like a gentleman?

3. Learn How to Groom and Dress

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One of the hallmarks of a true gentleman, is dressing according to his own style, and rocking it. This obviously means wearing a suit, clean shirts, jackets and subdued colors. Explore fashion catalogs and make sure you choose the right fit. As far as hygiene is concerned, you probably know that it’s a basic requirement. Taking a shower everyday isn’t optional, it’s mandatory.

2. Never Run Late

There is nothing attractive about being late, it only shows a total lack of respect for someone else’s time. If you really can’t show up on time, change the time on your clock, five minutes late. It’s better to show up earlier, than too late. Traffic is never to blame.

1. Be the Best Version of Themselves

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Number one on our gentleman’s guide, is being the best version of yourself. Real gentlemen will always be the best version of themselves, and a man will never be perfect to his core, unless he is a decent, respectable and considerate individual. Suits and smiles aside, the soul is the one that matters the most, so make sure you improve it over time. What are your best qualities? Identify them, and work on them. The same goes for things that you don’t like about yourself.

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