10 Reasons Why We Love George Takei

George Takei is famous for so many reasons.  His interesting acting and activist life is currently documented in a piece titled “To be Takei”, a documentary directed by Jennifer M. Root and was brought to theaters during the summer of 2014. But to better understand his role in cinema and also his political persona, you need to get a few facts and reasons to be in love with this guy, since we know you already like him.

1. He is a young spirit who conquered social media

George Takei

He has over 7 million followers on Facebook and more than a million on Twitter. Moreover, he is currently involved in the development of a web series, Takei’s Take, on the elders’ usage of consumer technology. Isn’t that sweet and supportive of him? We always love a nice socially conscious guy.

2. He supports LGBT rights

George Takei

Not only that he is gay, but his exemplary activity on this front is his reaction to the “Don’t Say Gay” bill to which Takei responded in a witty and critical manner, encouraging his viewers to say “It’s OK to be Takei”, replacing “gay” with “Takei”. How awesome is that?

3. He was one the first Asian actors to be included in Hollywood movies

George Takei

In the 40’s and the 50’s the movie industry was more than harsh for non-white actors. But he was one of the few one distributed in various roles, including the famous Star Trek series.

4. He was a part of our favorite TV series of all time

George Takei

Part of Star Trek, where we admired him as Commander Sulu. Obviously, George Takei himself liked that major role of his life, since his Facebook page is full of Star Trek references. We like that. He doesn’t refuse his glorious past, but he also chooses to consider himself as more that the Star Trek guy.

5. He was a part of a committee for urban transit improvement

George Takei

Are you amazed? So were we. It was long time ago, back in’70’s, when he was appointed in the board of directors of Southern California Rapid Transit District, where he planned the Los Angeles subway network.

6. He is a very progressive guy

George Takei

Not only is he our favorite guy, but he officially declared he will be active many more years and when he stated his anti-ageist ideas, we kind of melted. He said: “The word retirement is offensive. What? Do you retire from life?”

7. He has his own catchphrase: Ohh Myy

George Takei

He originally voiced that in Cory in the House and afterwards in3rd Rock from the Sun. It became an internet sensation in 2009, when a fun uploaded on Youtube a video entitled “Oh My The George Takei Song” giving more power and hilariousness to his brand.

8. He is, on top of everything, a radio guy

George Takei

He is a regular guest of the Sirius XM Radio, since 2006, where he contributes to The Howard Stern Show. Everywhere you casually are, Takei. Like a goddamn superhuman with 48 hours a day.

9. His voice is as wanted as he is

George Takei

His distinctive narrative voice is used in various Walt Disney Pictures, radio shows and documentaries, and in the cartoon version of Star Trek- “George Lucas”.

10. He is also an asteroid

George Takei

Well, not exactly. But he is so big that an asteroid was named 7307 Takei. And if you think this is not so important, then know that International Astronomical Union’s Committee on Small Body Nomenclature had decided to name the asteroid so.

Basically George Takei isn’t just an actor, director and an active member for promoting equal rights; he was also involved in some activities most of the celebrities only give money to. And for all his ubiquity, we love him even more.

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