5 Reasons to Get your Backpacks Ready

5 Reasons to Get your Backpacks Ready

Two very good friends of mine have just got back from the adventure of a lifetime. They left New York 6 months ago, went to Europe, bought a motorcycle, and the adventure began. And it lasted all the way to Georgia and Armenia and back – Europe at their feet. And upon their return, I noticed something had unconsciously changed for them. You can tell just by looking at them; they’ve become more relaxed because they understood a little more about this world we are bound to live in.

I want to share some of their revelations with you. So here are 5 reasons to get your backpacks ready and start imagining further.

1. Life is not about you

Nothing actually is. It’s about relating, sharing, cherishing, exchanging, giving and receiving. It’s about our world being so unlimited, yet so precise. It’s about your being a small piece of the most complex mechanism and still make a difference. We all do. So it’s not about you, it’s about you as a part of a bigger whole that embraces and respects you.

2. Life is all about facing challenges

Fighting the unpredictable or better yet not doing your best for it never to occur. Face new experiences and treat them like lessons, not obstacles per se. I know this idea sounds as if it came directly from some kind of guru, but just think of it this way for a change, trust me on this one! Just like Audery Hepburn once stated, “(…) for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.” Because you aren’t.

3. Life is a matter of contexts

Nothing is independent. Everything is connected. If you want a more specific understanding of this concept, try watching The Butterfly Effect. I’m talking about the movie. Anyway, discovering new ways of living totally opposed to your everyday life gives you the best perspective on what really matters for your life. Understanding different contexts brings relaxation. Less panic means clearness of mind. And clearness of mind means happiness.

They say that every time something you consider bad happens to you, sit back and think whether this will matter in a week, in 3 months, a year, 2 years… Apart from some rare cases, the answer to this dilemma is usually ridiculously negative.

4. Life is everything but stereotypes

When you travel, nothing you know or you think you know can be taken for granted. Thinking in stereotypes is one of the worst mistakes one can make. But still it is hard to stay away from them. They just seem to subconsciously creep inside our minds. So no preconceived ideas, please.

5. Lose yourself in order to find yourself

5 Reasons to Get your Backpacks Ready2

There’s a whole bunch of things you don’t know about yourself. Not to mention your loved one. Wouldn’t you want to know if the person near you was who s/he claimed to be? The best method of finding out is to travel somewhere far together. No all-inclusive suits, no 3 meals-a-day resorts, but life with the dynamic it has to offer. Someone’s true character always comes forth in extreme situations. No pain, no gain.

Despite meeting lots of people with thousands of interests and attitudes towards life, you will eventually convince yourself of the fact that everyone everywhere basically wants the same thing. Human values are universal. We all want acceptance, love, security, and hope. In spite of so many religions, it all comes down to these attributes. Not to mention the fact that you’ll be the sweetest grandpa or grandma with epic stories to enchant your nephews with. They make you who you are. So get your backpacks ready and start moving. Love is the answer, baby! This is all you need to know.


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