Getting Around with Strange Methods of Transport

Do you jump in your car in the morning to get to work? Stop being so boring. The world is full of deeply strange methods of transport which would give your life new meaning and purpose. Some of them might not even kill or maim you, if you are lucky.


Strange Methods of Transport and Powerisers

This entirely safe and sensible way of getting around involving using bouncy stilt type things called powerisers. Can you imagine two people bouncing about on these things and then crashing into each other at high speed? That would definitely hurt but the YouTube video would be fantastic.

The Bicycle Lift

Strange Methods of Transport and the Bicycle Lift

When I first saw this picture I just saw a dude on a bike and was about to skip past to something more interesting. Hang on though; what’s that at the side of the road? Could it be the famous Trampe Bicycle Lift in Trondheim in Norway? Why yes, it could be and it is. Apparently it helps lazy Norwegian bikers get up the hill without working off any of the calories they gained from eating all of that smoked fish for lunch. If they can’t be bothered riding the bike why can’t they just be more honest and use a car like the rest of us lazy people?

The Really Weird Tricycle

Strange Methods of Transport and The Really Weird Tricycle

What on Earth is this monstrosity? Is it a tricycle from hell or a normal tricycle being ridden by pygmies? I am going to hazard a guess at why this strange method of transport never took off in a big way; it was completely and utterly ridiculous. Where would you even park a beast like that? If 2 or 3 of your neighbors got one as well the whole block would be gridlocked in no time.

The Couch Bike

Strange Methods of Transport and The Couch Bike

It’s a couch. It’s a bike. It’s a couch bike. This is where invention meets sheer bloody minded comfort and crashes into weird transport methods along the way. The only problem with this design might be found out if you settle down in front of the TV with a Hawaiian pizza and a good movie but forget to put the handbrake on. Can you imagine dozing off and then waking up in the middle of the highway? Actually, you would need to have left your front door open as well for that to happen but you get my point.

The Pedal Pub

Strange Methods of Transport and The Pedal Pub

Have you ever wished that you could pedal your local pub? Oh come on, you must have done at least once. Please yourself, you’re the one who is going to be missing out on the rarely combined pleasures of pedaling and getting hopelessly wasted. Apparently this kind of thing is common in many big cities now. This could be the end of civilization as we know it. Or not. Who knows?

The Monowheel

Strange Methods of Transport and the Monowheel

Those darned hamsters have all the luck, don’t they? As well as being terminally unemployed (unemployable in my book, to be honest) they also get to run around inside a wheel all day long. Can you imagine how much fun that must be? Well, you no longer have the imagine it. The future of strange methods of transport is here and it is called the monowheel.

The Water Wheel

Strange Methods of Transport and The Water Wheel

This is kind of like the last one but with the added fun of potentially drowning. I have no idea if this ever existed anywhere but in the unhinged mind of the inventor but the picture was too good to leave it out. The guy with the cool hat seems to be commuting to a high powered executive job in his water wheel but won’t it just fall over when it hits dry land?

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