Gigantic Yellow Rabbit Chillin’ In Sweden

What on earth has happened here? Has a gigantic toy fallen from the heavens? Or are we gazing at the Big Yellow Rabbit of Örebro in Sweden? This gargantuan yellow rabbit is both hated and loved by citizens of Sweden.

Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman is the man behind this sculpture; he created it for the annual OpenArt biennale. He is also the man behind the great Flip-Flop Monkey, which was on display at the Pixelshow 2010 conference in Sao Paulo. The 50 ft high yellow rabbit cost $20,000 to build and is made entirely of wood, making it vulnerable to termites. Tourists and fans visit Sweden from all over the world just to see the rabbit and photograph it. It’s simply spectacular!

Yes, this giant rabbit is real, and it's spectular! At least that's what Sidra Holland told me.

Do you feel compelled to climb to the top of this rabbit? Maybe there's a pot of gold or some other surprise at the tippy-top.

"I'm not turning around! There's no giant, yellow rabbit behind me! Don't be stupid!"

"Stop telling me to turn around! A giant yellow rabbit? Whoever heard of such a thing!"

"Ok, maybe there is a huge rabbit behind me, but I don't know how to turn around."

Chief rabbit inspector Billiam Hornesberry surveys the scene.

Mr. Hornesberry points out another giant rabbit off in the distance. Yes, this city is filled with rabbit sculptures.

Now, if only I could have one of these babies in my backyard. As a matter of fact, we should all have these in our backyards.

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