Top 10 Good White Elephant Gift Ideas under $10

A white elephant gift exchange also called a Yankee swap, is focused more on the entertainment part, rather than on the value of the gift itself. There is even a historical explanation for the name of this game: legend has it that the King of Siam gave rare albino elephants to the courtiers who upset him. Thought it seemed like a nice gesture, the recipients were eventually ruined by the high costs required by the animals. Today, the tradition has everybody draw a number and choose a gift from the pile. People can either unwrap a new present or steal one from somebody else. Let’s see some good white elephant gift ideas under $10 for this season.

Good White Elephant Gift Ideas under $10 to Inspire You

10. Cactus Egg Separator

good white elephant gift ideas cactus yolk separator

Everybody loves to have a funny egg separator in the kitchen, even if they don’t like cooking. The Kikkerland cactus egg separator is one of the good white elephant gift ideas if you have a $10 budget. You can wrap it nicely and choose a wrapping paper that also contains cacti. Who knows, maybe you’ll even convince somebody to take up cooking.


9. Metallic Henna Tattoos

good white elephant gift ideas metallic tattoos

Metallic tattoos are still trending now, and they’re a good option especially if you have some stiff co-workers. Just imagine what would it be like to see your boss wearing a mandala metallic tattoo on their neck. Or maybe you’ll be the one to receive and wear this at the Christmas party this year. In any case, if you love the idea, you can get lots of such tattoos for just $9.95.


8. Reusable Ice Cubes

good white elephant gift ideas reusable ice cubes


A handy gift that will be suitable for anyone at the party, the reusable ice cubes help you make sure you won’t be out of ice at any party from now on. They’re colorful and will brighten up every drink. You just need to place them in the freezer, move them to your glass, and then back into the freezer. They’re food safe, so don’t worry about that. They’re less than $10 at Kikkerland, for example.

7. Profanity Generator

good white elephant gift ideas profanity generator


Know a co-worker who loves to swear? Or maybe there are more of them? In this case, a Creative Cursing: Mix’n’Match Profanity Generator would be another one of the good white elephant gift ideas under $10. It creates X-rated, socially unacceptable, and humorous curse words that can be used in any situation. However, you may want to think twice before putting this up as a white elephant gift, since you never know who will end up with it.

6. Bullshit Button

good white elephant gift ideas bullshit button


We all know there are plenty of situation when a bullshit button may come in handy. If you’re looking for good white elephant gift ideas, this is a great choice. It costs less than $10, which means it’s accessible for everybody. Moreover, the person who receives it can keep it at work for everybody to enjoy it. Just imagine how beautiful life would be if you could press this button everytime someone tries to fool you or lie to you.

5. Adult Coloring Book

good white elephant gift ideas adult coloring book


If you know your coworkers love a good joke, you can include among the white elephant gifts an adult coloring book. Coloring books have become a real trend in the last years, which is even more of a reason to buy such a gift. The adult version is an irreverent one, containing vulgar words and expressions, and you can find it on Amazon. However, make sure people know how to appreciate a good joke.

4. Titanic Kittens Air Freshener

good white elephant gift ideas titanic air freshener


An air freshener is yet another one of the good white elephant gift ideas that suit anybody. The kittens are funny, and the Titanic reference makes it even more interesting. Some might say it has a kitsch feel to it, but this is what makes it a funny gift for Christmas. Write down this idea if you don’t want to spend more than $10 on this gift.

3. Book of Spells Journal

good white elephant gift ideas book of spells


If there are plenty of geeks in your office, you may want to consider a book of spells journal with a wand pen. The interior pages have an antique feel to them, and you can also include a checklist of the spells you already mastered. The pen can fit in the straps found on the spine of the book so you can keep them together all the time. Moreover, you can start teaching them different spells, depending on the fandom they’re in. It’s available online for less than $10.

2. Cubebot

good white elephant gift ideas cubebot toy


Cubebot is an interesting wooden toy robot and one of the good white elephant gift ideas which you can use for inspiration. It’s made of wood and elastic, and people love it because it can be positioned in dozens of ways. It will surely bring back their enthusiasm for playing they had in their childhood. You can fold it back into a cube when you’re done playing with it. Plus, it only costs $9 and you can order it online.

1. Taco Socks

good white elephant gift ideas taco socks


Socks are perfect for any Christmas gift, so why not get creative with it? Taco socks are designed for women, but who says men can’t wear them? After all, we all love tacos. They’re available online for a price of $8 and you can be sure they’ll brighten up the recipient’s holidays. And who doesn’t love a good pair of socks to keep them warm in winter?

To draw a conclusion, these are just 10 of the good white elephant gift ideas you can use this season if you’re out of inspiration. Choose something as random as possible and everyone will appreciate your creativity. From taco socks to offensive coloring books for adults, wooden toys, or special notebooks for the geeks, the market is filled with interesting and inexpensive ideas for your white elephant Christmas party.

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