Grandmas and Grandpas Olympic games

oldolympics Ruth Frith shows that age is no barrier when it comes to sport. At the age of 100, the shot putter prepares for her latest throw at the World Masters Games.
old-sport-lady oldlady Canada’s Olga Kotelko is a bit younger – she’s only 90 years old and has reportedly claimed at least 15 world records in the run-up to the Games.

ballthrowinggrandmother-swimmer Another swimmer, 98-year-old Margo Bates, prepares for the 100-meter backstroke.

granmaindian-sprinter Harbhajan Singh Aulakh, Indian-born but representing Australia where he now lives, competes in the 75-79 age group steeple-chase.

oldatletics old-baseball-player At 79, Norm Perry was the oldest participant in the baseball.

old-rower Australian Ralph Howard, 91, was the oldest rower there and he won gold. The Games attracted 28,292 competititors from 95 countries ranging in age from 24 to 101.

old-sprinters Earl Fee of Canada (center) leads his 80-84 age group in the 100-meter sprint on the track.

old-sprinter More than 28,000 athletes took part in the Sydney competition. They included a bearded man called O Santa Claus. He ran in the 100-meter sprint in the 80-84 age group.

old-swimmer Jack Mathieson, aged 91, poses after swimming in the 800-metre freestyle.

referee Some competitors didn’t appear to worry so much about being well-toned athletes. This woman smoked a cigarette while taking part in the bowling.


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