These are cakes? Great examples of creative bakery


At the Highland Bakery in Atlanta GA these amazingly detailed cakes are made by Karen Portaleo. She got inspiration to be a cake decorator one day when she noticed that the cakes in her friend’s bakery didn’t have any creations. With a background in clay sculpturing she taught herself how to create spectacular decorations for cakes.

Portaelo has made cakes that look like a giant octopus, Darth Vader, a rhino and many other. Speaking of being creative with food, check out how food can be transformed  into landscapes for tiny human figures.


rhyno-cake pug-cake groundhog-cake groundhog-cake2 crab-cake armadillo-cake vader-cake playstation-cake london-cake jacket-cake corn-cake books-cake tools-cake zombi-cake


  1. These are way BETTER than the ones you see on the Food Network and the TLC shows like Cake Boss! lol

  2. The armadillo cake is awesome! Wonder if it is red velvet on the inside like on Steel Magnolias!?!

  3. Pure awesome! But I’m with Clare: I think I’d have a hard time eating one. How do I get to have my cake and eat it, too?

  4. whoa i love how the look i wish i could br taught this skill! dang it amazez me how ppl can do art so well in many different ways

  5. There are awesome, I actually want to try having these kind of cake for my son birthday. Anybody knows where I can order them?

  6. On the leather jacket cake, I would have the lining lighter and put a label with the persons name on it. It is incredibly realistic down to the texture and stitches.

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