The Ultimate List of Love Songs- The Greatest Love Songs of All Time

Expressing love directly might not come easily to us and it’s precisely because of this that we decided to convey our affection differently: through music. And the emotion that music creates is so different than anything else we might use when trying to show love: poetry, painting, writing- they all pale in comparison because music is synergic art. It combines all these elements in order to create the perfect musical painting of love. So we decided to count down ten of the most beautiful love songs to have ever been composed. Be sure to let us know if we neglected to include your favorite.


1. Eric Clapton- Wonderful Tonight

Composed by Clapton for his muse of the time (Pattie Boyd), the song was included on the artists’ 1977 Slowhand album. This song is actually a narrative that describes an evening in the life of two lovers, how they attend a party and how he falls deeper and deeper in love with her (or realizes the depth of his feelings).

2. U2- With or Without You

Featured on their album “The Josua Tree”, this song is by far one of the most loved U2 songs in history. It hit #131 on the Rolling Stone Magazine list of 500 Greatest Songs of All Time and we surely understand why- this song is so emotional and sends out such a beautiful message that it’s impossible not to fall in love with it.

3. The Beatles- Something

Released in 1969 and featured on their album Abbey Road, this song is proof that simple is best when music is concerned. The message is so subtle and so beautiful, the music is exquisite so how can the message of love not come through? Many believe that this is the most perfect of love songs and who are we to disagree?

4. Elton John- Your Song

Sir Elton John’s song is absolutely exquisite because it starts off exactly as love does- a bit unsure, a bit awkward and a bit scared of what follows. This song doesn’t just go out to the person you love but also flows exactly in the stages that love does.

5. Whitney Huston- I Will Always Love You

Maybe you weren’t expecting to find such a song on this list but we do have to give credit where credit is due and this majestic artist that is Whitney Huston has indeed given life to one of the best known love songs out there. And in all honesty, the song is absolutely beautiful. And it touches the very soul.

6. Queen- Love of My Life

There was no possibility that such an iconic song would not be featured in our countdown. Queen have so many wonderful songs but this one conveys not just the love but also the bitter sweetness that comes with it.

7. Moulin Rouge- Come What May

In a musical of love, where the plot is centered around a play that is being written about love by two people in love, there was no possible way that the key song would not be deserving of our list. And in all fairness, which lover doesn’t want to vanish in the kiss of his significant other.

8. Aerosmith- I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing

Another song that has caressed our souls throughout the years is this Aerosmith classic that is clearly worthy of our list. And which lover ever wanted to close his eyes and miss any part of the beauty that his love could create?

9. Pink Floyd- Hey You

Featured on their famous album “The Wall”, this isn’t the typical song you would expect to find on our list, but this song is more than worthy of such a place. Listen to it and you will understand exactly why.

10. Scorpions- Still Loving You

Who said that rock ballads can’t be amazing love songs? Actually, the best such songs are rock ballads precisely because of the delicate message that rock bands could convey. Still Loving You is a perfect example of this- a love song that has lived through the years and will never lose our fascination for it.

These are the best love songs of all time in our opinion. Which ones are your favorites?

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