Grow a beard with a knitted cap


If you want to make your friends smile but at the same time keep warm in the cold winter times you should consider getting one of these knitted “beard caps”. They can be joyful for everyone whether on a ski vacation with family or a fun day out in the cold with friends.

They come in different shapes and colors so it’s a lot to choose from, but one thing is sure – you will never have a cold chin and lip again.

Speaking of knitting, this artist has taken it to a whole new level by knitting and sewing  sculptures.

brown-beard black-beard-guy black-beard-cap beard-knit-cap beard-father-and-baby beard-cap-blue beard-blue-cap-black-beard beard-blue-cap-black-beard2 knit-beard-snowboard beard-knit-baby


  1. @ BeardHead: I can’t find the short beard w/ separate hat style shown in the second picture, do you have those available for sale yet?

  2. i’m on the same page as luke
    i want to know where i can get the separate ones
    the ones on are stupid
    i’ve looked all over the internet
    and i can’t find any answers!

  3. @Kyle:

    The ones on are stupid?!

    I’d like to think that they’re all as stupid as stupid gets, which is why they’re awesome!

  4. Would anyone know where you could get the second one from the top? I tried going to but I didn’t see that particular style available, or even listed.

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