Halloween Hell Night [Video]

Michael McLaughlin is back, and this time he means business–Halloween acid trip business! Yes, when Mr. McLaughlin isn’t dropping knowledge about how to stand up to a bully, he’s dropping enough acid to conjure up deranged Halloween nightmares. Read what Michael had to say about his latest video after the jump:

I really feel kind of bad for the guy in this video. He’s innocent enough to be thrilled that he gets to brush his teeth every day. Does he really deserve all the harassment from the paranormal “other side” that he gets?

At least he gets haunted by relatively “cute” things such as a talking banana and a stuffed dog. The only really “scary” object is the spider. And it does look creepy enough to me with that camera close-up of it. I really WAS in the bathroom and noticed it up on the wall, which gave me the idea for this video.

However, being someone who doesn’t like to kill things – and depending on the size/severity of the spider – can be too squeamish to put it into a jar and take it outside, that spider is still here in the apartment somewhere. Last I noticed, it had migrated to my bedroom. Is it staring at me while I sleep?

Michael McLaughlin swears he hasn’t taken acid in 25 years, but we here at TBR aren’t so sure. We also wonder what Alfred Hitchcock‘s reaction would be if he watched the video above. Too bad his brain wasn’t preserved in a computer. If it was, the TBR staff would flip the computer version of Hitchcock on and force him to watch McLaughlin’s vid. Wouldn’t you do the same?

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