What Happened In The Last Episode Of The Walking Dead?

What happened in the latest episode of The Walking Dead, isn’t something we haven’t seen before. A seemingly perfect location, safe and sound from the zombies and other threats is not something we haven’t experienced before in the show.

And we just cant help but wonder, what is wrong with that place as it seems to good to be true. Behind Woodbury’s friendly appearance there was the sadistic and psycho Governor, in Terminus, they had to deal with cannibals. Really now, Alexandria has to have something going on as well.
No wonder Rick and his ”family” were very cautious when they were lead inside the Alexandria Safe-Zone, by the newcomer Aaron.
After they arrive in Alexandria, Aaron informed Rick and his group that they had to frist talk to Deanna, their leader, who would answer all their questions.

One by one, the members of the group are interviewed by Deanna, with the camera on, and the reason for this was for the sake of “transparency”. Ok, this is already giving a strange vibe.

What is striking is the fact that the people from Alexandria were completely shut off from the real world from the beginning, and they don’t really know the reality happening behind the gates. They needed strong people, like Rick’s group who are more then experienced when it comes to survival and facing real dangers outside the safe zone.

So, the group shares their opinions about their stay in Alexandria in a sort of cam confession. Carol, lies and acts like a weak person, even saying she is missing her abusive dead husband. Daryl doesn’t seem to be comfortable in that place and he is very tensed, walking around with a dead possum in his hands, but he said that the children need a roof over their heads. Michonne stated that the group is ready to find their place in a safe zone like Alexandria.

Even tough he met kids of his age, Carl found it difficult to fit in, as he realised they had no idea of the dangers lurking outside the danger zone. He has a moment when he blocks and cant speak, when the kids invite him to play video games.
On the other hand, he is drawn to another newcomer in the town, Enid, who seems to be hiding something. He was told that she didn’t not start to talk until weeks after arriving in Alexandria.
Later on, Carl sees her sneaking out of the town and follows her into the woods, but looses her track. Why was she sneaking out, and were was she going?


Before entering Alexandria, Rick left a gun hidden in a broken blender, between some garbage, outside the town, but when going back to look for it, someone has taken it. So, the mysteries and questions are already beginning.

Glenn gets into a physical fight with Deanna’s son, Aiden, after something that happened during a supply run. Deanna interferes and make it clear that the group is part of the community and they are equals. She appoints Rick and Michonne as the new constables of the town and she thanks Glenn for knocking her son on his ass.

Carl is the first out of all who voiced out his concern about staying in Alexandrian, as he believes the people there will make them weak. Also, Daryl can’t quite fit in, especially after he sees Carol all dressed up, on her way to her new job as a cook for the old people in town. She also, expressed her worries about becoming weak if remaining there.

But Rick, calms them, and assures them that the group cannot become weak, and said that they will make it work and if the people of Alexandria are too weak to survive, than they will just take the place.

It’s too normal to be true, and something most certainly has to happen. Is Alexandria hiding something, and if so, what?
Don’t miss what happens next on The Walking Dead next Sunday on AMC.

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