Harry Potter Fans Finally Get a Chance To Visit Hogwarts

Incredible news for all the fans of the world’s most famous young wizard – soon you’ll be able to set your foot in the original Great Hall where Harry and his friends used to dine, and have the unforgettable experience of visiting the place where all the magic happened. Literally.

On March 31, 2012, the “Making of Harry Potter” tour will be open to visitors, offering 150,000 square feet of original sets and props from the movies. It will be built on the original studio site where all eight Harry Potter movies were filmed, 20 miles from London.

The beauty of the place is in its details – the creators of the sets really made an effort to make them look as realistic as possible. As the actors say, it really feels like another world rather than just a movie set.

If you want to book a visit, you might have to challenge other fans to a game of quidditch, because the tickets for the first month of tours have already sold out.

Check out a miniature-sized robot version of Harry Potter here.

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