3 Essential Subplots that Shouldn’t Have Been Cut From Harry Potter, the Deadly Hollows

Harry Potter is one of the best stories to have blessed the literary and cinematic world in the past 20 years. It firmly holds its ground alongside other masterpieces such as Lord of The Rings, The Hobbit or Eragon.  The sixth chapter in the story, The Half-Blood Prince, was also put on screen a while back. Since we are diehard fans of the Harry Potter book series, we would like to point out a few things that were noticeably missing from the movies. While we know that it is impossible to include every detail in a movie, we think that the following bits were essential to the overall plot-line.

1. The Redemption of Dudley Dursley

You all know the horrible Dursley family, who forced Harry to live under a staircase, become their personal servant, and forbid him to join Hogwarts? I would say they were serious douche-bags, wouldn’t you? The most annoying of them all was without a doubt Harry’s cousin, Dudley, a moronic, self-entitled person who made Harry’s life miserable in all five books. However, J.K. Rowling shows us that even the most horrible people in this world carry within themselves a hint of humanity. In Harry Potter: The Deathly Hollows, Harry finally realizes that all of Dudley’s weird acts in the past few weeks were actually peace offerings. After having saved his life, he finally decided to act like a decent person towards him. This, of course, is what the books tell us. The movie, however, only presents the Dursley family running away in a cowardly manner in the first part of the two-movie book, so there’s nothing very redeeming to be found there.

Harry Potter

We can’t really understand why directors couldn’t include this scene (especially when 2 minutes would have been more than enough to absolve Dudley). The scene wouldn’t have added much to the finished two-part film. Considering that the Dursley family played an important role in Harry’s development, it may have been wise to present the true situation in the end.

2. The “Half Blood Prince” Explanation

As you well know, the sixth book and movie in the Harry Potter series is entitled “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince”.  Have you ever wondered why that is the title? If you read the books, you probably already know that this phrase refers to Professor Severus Snape, who is the child of Eileen Prince, a pure blood wizard, and Tobias Snape, a muggle. Therefore, he was a half-blood prince. Since Snape is such an important character in all the books, would it have been so hard to explain such simple concept? We know that it isn’t the most important twist in the plot-line, and also that Snape mentions at some point that he is the Half Blood Prince, but for those who did not read the books, this line has no meaning, nor context.

The reason why this essential scene was cut from the movie was probably because it didn’t mean much to directors, and because the entire sixth movie was full of back-story and little action. In other words, the Half-Blood Prince is a victim of too much story-telling, which could have brought intriguing revelations. In our opinion, it is essential to have included this scene, because the movie is called the Half Blood Prince, after all. We are not trying to be tautological here, but the material was right in front of the directors, and they simply refused to use it.

3. The Other Weasleys

Harry’s best friend, Ronald Weasley comes from a fairly large family. As a matter of fact, he has six siblings. While Ginny, Fred and George (the twins) received a lot of attention during the books, Charlie, Bill and Percy received less than what we would have liked to see. Granted, Charlie may not have been such a big loss, especially considering that he was studying dragons in Romania, but Bill and Percy were essential to the plot. First of all, Bill simply showed up during the Deathly Hallows, got engaged with Fleur Delacour, and that was that. They ran away in the sunset never to be seen again (in the movies, at least). In the Half Blood Prince book, their love story was a recurring subplot which was dramatically tested when Bill got bitten by a Werewolf.

The sixth sibling, Percy Weasley, betrayed the family by allying himself with the Ministry of Magic, but in the movie we don’t find out that he came to regret his decision in the end. Some important scenes containing the other Weasleys were probably cut because there were simply too many characters to include in the movie, and too little time to do it. We were particularly fond of Percy and Bill’s subplots, and truly think that they could have given more meaning to the story.

These are the three most important elements that we believe should not have been cut from the Harry Potter Movies. What do you think?

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