Healthy Breakfast Recipes that Will Help You Rock Your Day

We’ve heard it over and over again: breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So why not start the day the best way we can? With a healthy and nutritious breakfast! Here are some recipes that will help you rock your day. Women, grab hold of your spatulas and men, don your aprons, because we’re about to get cooking!

Easy Peasy Oatmealhealthy breakfast recipes oatmeal

Here are 10 fast and easy oatmeal recipes that will help you get the best start to your day! Oatmeal is both cheap and healthy, so try to incorporate it into your diet at least two times a week.

Breakfast Casserole in a Crock Pot, Anyone?healthy breakfast recipes breakfast crock pot

We’re not saying you should do this every morning, but once in a while a good and healthy crock pot breakfast casserole does wonders for the soul. This particular recipe is very delicious and filling, so we recommend you cook this when you know you’ve got a tough day ahead, so that you’ve got plenty of energy for it! It’s not quick, but then again, it cooks while you’re asleep, so it doesn’t matter!

Cookies and Muffins for the Winhealthy breakfast recipes muffin

Who said that cookies and muffins don’t make good breakfast food? If your goal isn’t weight loss, a cookie or a muffin along with your coffee won’t do any harm. Martha Stewart has a great breakfast muffin recipe. Something sweet in the morning will also help with the sugar cravings that seem to pop up in the afternoon.

Smoothies to Smooth Things Overhealthy breakfast recipes green smoothies

Have the perfect start with a green smoothie in the morning. This mango, orange and spinach green smoothie is utterly delicious and easy to make. You can use pretty much any blender to make this smoothie, but if you want to make smoothies with nuts in them, you need one with a bit more power.

Protein Shakes for the Gym Loverhealthy breakfast recipes protein shakes

For when you’re going to the gym in the morning, you need something that will help your muscles grow and recover. Try a protein shake! If you are a vegan, instead of whey protein, use hemp or pea protein.

Breakfast Burritohealthy breakfast recipes breakfast burrito

Kids and adults alike will love this breakfast burrito, but make sure you don’t make it too often, because it is high in calories and quite heavy on the stomach.

Fruit for Breakfasthealthy breakfast recipes fruit

How about just fruit from breakfast? It’s cheap, low calorie, diabetics-friendly and gorgeous looking. How long has it been since you’ve just had fruit for breakfast? If you can’t remember, make yourself a fruit bowl tomorrow morning.

Mother of Sandwicheshealthy breakfast recipes sandwiches

Check out this list of the best breakfast sandwiches in the United States and let it inspire your mornings. A sandwich is the perfect way to start your day, especially if you’re putting a little bit of effort into making it, instead of throwing a piece of turkey on rye and adding some store-bought mayo.

Skillet in the Morninghealthy breakfast recipes vegetable omelet

Eggs in the mornings is as basic as you can get! Grab your nonstick skillet, add a little extra virgin olive oil and some chopped onion, some red peppers, corn and some other vegetables that you have in the house (such as snap peas or zucchini) and fry on high. When the vegetables have softened just a bit, but are still crunchy, add two lightly beaten eggs and some salt and pepper. You’ve got yourself a great and nutritious breakfast omelet or scrambled eggs.

Homemade Granola Barshealthy breakfast recipes granola bar

This granola bars recipe is stunning and very simple. An old school granola bar will not just satisfy a sweet tooth, but it will also keep you full longer. Give it a try!

To be honest, for a breakfast recipe to be healthy, it just needs to be made from whole ingredients, such as vegetables, fruit, eggs or whatever you can find at your local farmer’s market. The less processed, the better! So, if you’ve got some leftover Indian food, go ahead and have that for breakfast, if you know that it has been cooked from scratch.



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