Here is the real “Bambi on ice”

bamby3 Father and son from Norway took action when two deer struggled on the slippery surfaces of Sirdal lake.The movie “Bambi” is one of Walt Disney most beloved cartoons, and especially the scenes where the deer and rabbit friend Thumper playing on an icy water. – It happens relatively often that they must be saved on land.

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The challenge is to rescue the animals before the fox comes and takes them, ” says Ivar, after rescuing this two young deers. Check out what happens when polar bear meets people.


  1. Other than breaking through the ice or being eaten. The deer can injure themselves when they do the splits. They can damage leg tendons or fracture their hips. This happens when they venture out on new clear ice.

    Bravo to the rescuers.

  2. No, in Norway they walk with bazookas on their backs, but these two must be Swedish as they carry only a shotgun.

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