Hilarious Sports Fail Gifs

Sports are a wondrous thing- bringing people together in peace and appreciation for the athletic achievements of some of the best competitors out there is no easy thing to do and as the entire world tunes into the Olympic games and marvels in all the events presented, it’s clear that they hold an important position in our lives. And although it might happen to us more often that we play ball with our daughter and she happens to slip and fall, such fails also happen to the most professional of athletes. We have comprised a collection of some of the most hilarious sports fail gifs and hope you will enjoy them as much as we did:

Cristiano Ronaldo and his lucky goal was for instance less his mastery and more the hesitation (and yes, ridiculous fail) of the other team’s goalkeeper:


Don’t think that basketball isn’t also without its funny moments. In this match, for instance, Nick Young is convinced of his success and celebrates. He does it a bit too early however.


Although there are delicious moments everywhere, gymnastics is the reigning queen when it comes to mind-boggling fails. Whether the men are those getting stuck behind the apparatus:


Or the girls don’t manage to reach it:


 Even those attempting parkour in gymnastics training facilities aren’t exempt from such situations.


And remember, respecting the judges is one of the most important rule you need to know. Jumping on top of them isn’t really the way you want to go.


Let’s not forget that gymnastics is a sport of poise, grace and balance.


Granted, the apparatus itself should have a sturdy build. Not like this one- maybe it had just had enough.


Even the greatest gymnasts can have a bad day. Nastia Liukin was having a really bad day here and it apparently ended with her falling flat on her face.


Another thing that sports teach us is that giving up is never an option. No matter how many obstacles there are to overcome. Competing is more important than winning:


Also, the referee is not God. He does fall on his holy behind from time to time.


Not every event takes place in the same circumstances. We have tennis and that is played on a multitude of surfaces, cycling requires bicycles, and of course, any sport that is water related requires water. And we all know that things don’t stink underwater. That doesn’t mean that we don’t know they didn’t happen!


Winning brings the team immense pleasure and such emotion needs to be shared- just be careful not to get a concussion while rejoicing.


Hockey is also tricky business- players coming and going as they please, who can find room to get onto the ice?


Also, remember that being in an all-male team does not mean that the rules of proper conduct change. Hands off behinds at all times!


Diving is another sport that requires elegance, poise, extreme body control and we all know that the splash (or better said lack thereof) is what matters. As this competitor demonstrates, it is not always an achievable goal:


Last but not least, remember. It’s not just us humans that enjoy (and fail exceptionally) at sports. So regardless of what happened yesterday, go play tomorrow as well.


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