Historical figures on toast sandwiches

lincoln-toast-art The toasted sandwiches you see here are all a part of a project called “Assassination Sandwiches” created by Toronto artist Tibi Tibi Neuspiel. They are made out of wax and oilpaint, but they look real and yummy with all the cheese and ham.The interesting thing about the wax sandwiches is that they have images of famous victims paired with their assassins on opposite sides of the sandwiches, like Martin Luther King and James Earl Ray, and Archduke Franz Ferdinand and Gavrilo Princip. One copy of one pair will cost you $450

ferdinand-on-toast king-toat-art jfk-toast-art



Tibi has also burned Hitler’s face on many slices of toast and put them in a garbage can. Otherwise Tibi is a very talented artist that has exhibited in group shows at Artists Space in New York City, The Ottawa Art Gallery, the Art Gallery of Ontario, and Art Basel.


Others has also used food as an inspiration to art, like these guys that have transformed food into landscapes.


  1. It’s really very nice. I loved it. I would like to have all the toasts especially the Hitlar’s.

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