Some History Secrets That Still Need Further Reasearch

You’d say that with the technological development this world managed to reach, old unsolved mysteries and historical secrets shouldn’t be a problem anymore. Come on, we are able to 3D print organs, make stem – cells transplants and send robots to Mars. How hard is it to read old manuscripts, to decipher ancient secrets or to reveal answers with questions only Indiana Jones would ask nowadays? But, as unlikely as it is, there are still some history secrets that need further research and some mysteries that still need Sherlock Holmes’ powers of solving. Not a long time ago, we presented you with mysterious books with dark powers and among them, the Voynich Manuscript, a text that is still impossible to decipher even nowadays. We will continue our journey through the mysteries of this world and see what other history secrets that still need further research are out there.

1. The Phaistos Disk

This is just a clay disk imprinted on both sides with symbols and you’d say that if somebody managed to read, understand and interpret the Egyptian hieroglyphics, then somebody should be able to tell what is this disk about, given the fact that it was found on the Greek island of Crete, dating back to the Minoan Bronze Age. And we know a lot of things about ancient Greece, right? Well, wrong. This is considered one of the most famous archeological mysteries that still needs to be revealed, as everything about it, from its original provenance, the origin of symbols and their meaning is a constant subject of debate. People tried – and vaguely succeeded – to interpret or at least to educated guess some of the symbols’ meaning, but everything else is still in a blur.

2. The Tomb of Genghis Khan

The man existed, without a doubt and he was one bad conqueror. But unlike his glorious life, his death is something of a mystery. He died, that is for sure, but where exactly is he buried, nobody knows yet. He asked for a simple and unmarked funeral and tomb and apparently he got what he asked for, as just like Jimmy Hoffa, his remains are yet to be discovered. Theorists assume he is buried in his home village in Mongolia, but let’s face it: a while ago, people discovered an entire lost city well buried underground Cambodia using laser scanning. Is it that hard to find Genghis Khan tomb? Maybe we have other more important things to do, granted, but this is one of those history secrets that still need further research and luckily, there are people who haven’t given up searching yet.

3. The Loss of the USS Cyclops

The Bermuda Triangle mythology is still a hot topic among the ones with a soft spot for the paranormal, but no consolation to those who still mourn the 309 lives vanished in the thin air together with the Proteus-class collier ship built for the United States Navy. It disappeared in 1918 and even if there was a war going on back then and even if the ship was sunk by either an unimaginable sea storm or by enemy forces, there is no wreckage to be salvaged and no traces that it was even there at all. People remembering very well this horror story say

This incident, during World War I, is the largest loss of life in the history of the United States Navy of a U.S. built steel hulled warship where there simply is no direct evidence of why it happened, when it happened, or exactly how it happened
And this is the truth. Speculation, of course, surrounds this mystery, and to this day, even if everybody tries to reassure everybody that the dark forces in the Bermuda Triangle are just a myth, that there is nothing there and every disappearance that ever occurred has a more logical, obvious and mundane explanation, the USS Cyclops is still one naval mystery that needs to be put to rest.
If you think the modern world is just too busy playing with anti-matter, prove the parallel universes theories, explore the great beyond and invent pills to give us immortality, you are probably right. But this world also knows plenty of other unsolved mysteries and still has a lot of secrets just waiting to be discovered. Much like Jimmy Hoffa’s tomb, much like Hitler’s secret treasure and a lot like the Bermuda Triangle phenomenon. Fortunately, there are still people who know that for unlocking our future, we should understand our past and these one are still searching for answers to questions fewer and fewer seem to ask.

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