5 Hollywood Celebrities Who Never Won an Oscar Although They Should Have

Since we already know who won some Oscar Awards this year (much to peoples’ surprise, discontent or lucky predictions), there are some Hollywood celebrities who never won an Oscar although they should have, and it seems that this list is perpetuated for far too long. If you saw Leo DiCaprio’s reaction when he found out he wouldn’t go home with the golden statue and consider that he should have, then you understand our pain and disappointment to see year after year a bunch of talented people who give 100% to the movies they star in and wishfully think that maybe next year, they will get the award they deserve. You will hear some voices shouting about the Academy’s incapacity to recognize value when it sees it, confronted by the voices that believe everything was fair and square and some celebrities still have a chance for winning, but also still have a lot to learn. Without any disrespect for the ones that indeed took their awards home this year (but with a round of applause and eternal appreciation for their acting skills – Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto, we’re looking at you), let’s take a look over 3 Hollywood celebrities who never won an Oscar although they should have.

Leonardo DiCaprio

leonardo dicaprio

Who else? We wrote about him a while ago, appreciating not only the movie projects he dedicated himself to, but also his irrefutable acting skills, charisma and talent to portray powerful characters having to face tricky circumstances. Four Oscar nominations but no award can seriously mess up with an actor’s mind, but we trust we will see the day when Leo leaves home with the statue. He may still have a lot to learn and he definitely still has a lot to show us in the years to come, so our confidence is that we will see the day when DiCaprio gets his well deserved Oscar Award for Best Lead Actor. He’s closer than ever!

Amy Adams

amy adams

Five Oscar nominations in her career and yet, still no award. She got closer than ever with her part in American Hustle, even though her past four nominations were in the category of Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role, and we have to admit Amy is indeed talented, sexy and charming. Maybe the Academy considers she is too young to get an Oscar yet? She still needs to perfect her acting skills? Who knows, but among the Hollywood celebrities who never won an Oscar, she has five nominations to show off with. So by the looks of it, we all still have time to applaud Amy in the future and rejoice about her bringing home the statue.

Samuel L. Jackson

samuel l jackson

Now this is a mystery, impossible to understand and impossible to wrap our minds around: the badass of all badasses, Samuel L. Jackson, who starred and rocked around 100 movies, who is a cinema legend, who made all the motion pictures he showed up in look and especially sound like works of art, got ONE Oscar nomination in his entire career (Jules Winnfield in Pulp Fiction) and didn’t even won the Award. If you are thinking injustice, we’re thinking it too. But, for all it’s worth, Oscar Award or not, Samuel L. Jackson is a living and breathing legend, a complete, complex and mind blowing actor and he will remain in our hearts forever as long as we all shall live. Maybe we will get the chance to cheer and bow in front of this cinema titan sometime in the future, because there is still time for the Academy to come to its senses and award Samuel with the honor he deserves.

There are plenty of other Hollywood celebrities who never won an Oscar although they may have deserved it at some point (Tom Cruise, Ewan McGregor, Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy and so on), but we all keep our hopes up and wish our favorite actors and actresses to engage in fabulous movie projects and shine on the silver screen in the future, so they can be honored with an Oscar for incredible performances.

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