8 Great Homemade Halloween Costumes in 2014

The best way to impress people with your homemade Halloween costume this year is to come up with a couple of strategies. Do you have any physical trait that makes you look like a celebrity or can you use one as a foundation for such a costume? Or do you want to come up with couple costumes or even family costumes? You don’t have to make up your mind yet about one particular strategy, but bear these ideas in mind while you attempt to find the best solution for you. Most of all, Halloween is all about fun, so make sure you enjoy your little project! So here are eight ideas to for great homemade Halloween costumes.

1. Oberyn Martell

Oberyn Martell

Probably everyone at the party has seen the terrifying Game of Thrones episode where, spoiler alert, Oberyn lost his head. The scene was as brutal as it was tragic, a great combination. The costume in itself will really have an important contribution, but be careful to replicate the exact shaving. It shouldn’t be too hard and it’s quite distinctive.

2. Ice bucket Challenge Costume

ice bucket challenge

The ice bucket challenge was the 2014 fad. Moreover, it’s really recent, so that will make it even more effective. You have to design a system that will hold the bucket comfortably on your head. Cut some plastic in the shape of ice cubes and tie them around your head, that’s easy.

3. Cloud giving nude celebrity pictures


The Fappening took place even more recently. Was it a good thing, was it bad thing? Yes, it was bad, there’s the answer, as it violated the privacy of numerous women. But that doesn’t forbid us from using one of the hottest media events of the year as a homemade Halloween costume idea.

4. Chauffeur with a cardboard sign that says “Malaysia Airlines: Flight 370”


Flight MH 370 hasn’t been found yet, even though several nations organized the most extensive and expensive search operation in history. Using the idea for this Halloween party is equally tempting and offensive, as the costume is ridiculously simple, yet utterly macabre.

5. Elsa, Frozen


The Snow Queen is a great choice if you loved one of the most progressive Disney films ever made. Elsa was challenge for the film’s directors, but the end result mesmerized everyone. You’ll need a great dress, as well as a perfect long blond hair. A wig might do if that’s not the case. And last, you should really practice the smile.

6. Robin Williams, Jumanji


We all loved Robin Williams and it may be the right time to show our humble homage to one of the greatest comics. Maybe some will go as Mrs. Doubtfire, but his Alan Parish character in Jumanji is our choice. You have to look rough. Wild long hair and beard are a must and they are easy to replicate. A couple of leaves around the neck and a worn-out beige robe should round the image.

7. Bent iPhone 6

bent iphone 6

Ok, that might be kind of hard to pull off, but not impossible. Doesn’t matter if you care about the device or not, many others do and that stands as a good enough reason. See if Samsung pays for it, they just might.

8. Groot


Who are you? Oh, you are the Monarch of the Planet X, I see. The costume should be easy to assemble if you have enough tree bark and adhesive. The more you drink, the easier it will be to just repeat the phrase over and over.

These are some suggestions if you want ideas for homemade Halloween costumes that will be up to date with this year’s events and celebrities.

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