The Most Horrifically Bad Chat-up Lines Ever Used

When you meet an attractive member of the opposite sex it can be incredibly difficult to think of something smart and interesting to say. However, what you really don’t want to do is utter one of these terribly bad chat-up lines.

Are you Jamaican? Because Jamaican me crazy…

Are You Jamaican Bad Chat-up Line

Good lord, that is one awful chat-up line. It’s all very well trying to break the ice with a joke but not one as a bad as this. Of course, if it turns out that the person you are speaking to is really from Jamaica then that adds a whole new level of stupidity to what you just said.

I just checked my schedule and I can have you pregnant by Christmas

Horrific I Can Get You Pregnant Chat-up Line

Guys who use this line shouldn’t expect to be swamped by giggling ladies handing over their phone numbers. It might sound like a good chat-up line when you tell your mates you plan to use it but in the harshness of the real world you can expect nothing more than a good old slap in the face if you use it.

I like your dress, but it would look better on my bedroom floor

Bad Chat Up Lines

For those chaps who like subtlety, this is one want to avoid. Ladies can also use this line if they switch the word “dress” for “pants”.

Well hey there, I may not be Fred Flintstone, but I bet I can make your bed rock

Bad Chat Up Lines

Oh dear, oh dear. Once you realise that those words have actually come out of your mouth you will want the Earth to open up and swallow you. For a start, the inclusion of an old cartoon character is not advisable when you first approach someone you are interested in. It’s like saying, “Hey, do you remember the funny cat in Hong Kong Phooey?” Secondly, the poor pun it ends with is just awful.

Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?

Bad Chat Up Lines

This is a dreadful chat-up line which isn’t likely to impress anyone. It just sounds as though you are trying to woo them using a cheesy line you once read on some stupid internet article.

Did you fall from heaven…because your face is kind of lop-sided?

Bad Did you fall from heaven...because your face is kind of lop-sided? Chat Up Line

This is an interesting variant on the last line and, incredibly, it’s even worse. The first fault with this bad chat-up line is that it is just vomit inducing nonsense. Secondly, well, you are telling the person you are interested in that their face is kind of lop-sided. That’s not such a good idea, is it?

Ok, I’m here, what do you want for your next wish?

Ok, I'm here, what do you want for your next wish? ?Chat-up Line

So, you want to go for the cocky, over confident approach do you? Go on, knock yourself out kid.

Do you have any change I can borrow? My mother told me to call her when I meet the woman of my dreams.

Bad Borrow Change and Call Mom Chat Up Line

Hmm, it just isn’t going to work, is it? It just sounds stupid and fawning. It also sounds like you don’t have any money either.

Your dad must be a terrorist because he made a bomb

Bad Chat Up Lines

Instead of saying this line to another human being you might as well just slap yourself in the face, throw a drink over yourself and go home for a quiet night in on your own.

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