3 House and Garden Devices to Ease Your Life

You know that technology doesn’t interfere only with our ways of communication, computing, living, breathing and keeping ourselves entertained. Hi – tech manufacturers in the industry of gadgetry have always kept in mind our constant need of solving problems faster and easier (and sometimes even better), and since our problems expand over the common horizon of phones, ultrabooks and photo cameras, sports gadgets (we’ve mentioned recently) and well being devices that improve our life styles, we also have the chance to look into some trendy and interesting house and garden devices.

We are used to smartwatches and apps that measure our blood pressure, but in this tech – savvy world, there are also house and garden devices that are becoming more and more popular and win more and more fans at technological international exhibitions such as CES or IFA. Perhaps for a while you will still do some gardening and landscaping in the old fashioned ways, but let’s keep in mind that some of these devices might become more than concepts, patents and fun article topics, and might replace all your gardening tools. Some are funny and some are useful, but all of them are worth a mentioning.

3. EasyBloom Plant Sensor

This is a brilliant device for new land owners who want to build their own garden and landscape but don’t know much about soil, climacteric changes, chemistry, and plant types. Basically, you plant the sensor in the garden and leave it there to gather data. After 24 hours you connect the sensor to your computer via USB and it tells you anything you need to know about soil composition and acidity, humidity, optimal temperature and so on. Then, the software connects you to an online flower and plant database and you can choose the best plants that fit your garden, to make sure they will grow strong, healthy and beautiful.

2. Firebox Power Plant Growing Machine

This NASA technology – based machine apparently helps people grow plants indoors in a spectacular manner, without soil being needed. It just fast grows plants respecting aeroponic principles. Don’t for a second think of growing anything else than some fresh parsley for soups or a nice green bouquet of flowers to jolly – up your living room. We know it is tempting, but just don’t grow anything you might regret if caught red-handed.

1. Lawn Aerator Shoes

If people start using these shoes, the lawn care and landscaping companies will take a strong punch in the gut. Lawn care has never been easier, but by using these shoes you won’t need to pay specialists to aerate the soil, as you can just walk all over the place (in an organized manner) and do the job yourself. No more experts coming to your house, no more paid services, these shoes are marketed for deeply and efficiently aerating your soil without any fuss and with no recurrent costs. Among the house and garden devices in this list, this one is so simple and practical, it makes you wonder why people aren’t using it more often…


Parrot Flower Power

Among all the house and garden devices presented during tech events in the world, this one almost won “Mister Popularity” award at CES 2013. Let’s say that if there are apps and gadgets that remind you to take your medication on time, walk the dog or feed the children, brush your teeth and so on, it was only logical to have a device that is connected to your phone and warns you when your pot flowers need water or fertilizers. This one is useful for those loving to keep and take care of flowers and plants, but are too busy to actually provide the plants with all they need. So your new iPhone powered device and app might be exactly what you need.

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