The Reasons Why We Miss House MD. – Gif Edition

The series may have come to an end but that doesn’t mean that fans everywhere don’t miss their favorite maverick doctor. Everyone who has watched the series instantly fell in love (or hate) with the brutally honest dr. Gregory House– an untypical doctor, with the bedside manners of a truck driver/addict and the tact and diplomacy of a tsunami. Hell bent on pushing everyone around him to their limits, he is tolerated in the hospital where he runs the diagnostics department only because of his brilliant deductive skills and diagnostic accomplishments.

But without further ado, let’s re-visit some of the best House moments and remember exactly why this obnoxious character crawled under our skins the way that he did: We could always count on House to be serious in times that required respect and concentration. 1In his office, House would go through important cases, discuss treatment options, research the newest medical information and consult textbooks. Just kidding. He never, for a second tried to act serious. tumblr_ma4utkE8fN1ry937io1_250 Not even Wilson’s office was exempt from House’s nonsense. 2 The sarcastic comments. 3 4 And the snide remarks. 5 6 The House-Wilson Bromance. 9 8 7 Even their awkward break ups are hilarious. 11 12 13 14

  1. Or the way they interfere with each-other’s sex lives and relationships:

15 16 Their friendly (or not so friendly) hugs: 17 The evil stares: 18 And unreciprocated fist-bumps: 19 Cook-offs and other household activities: 21 That time when House went through a house-wife phase and began cooking. 22 Chase, oh dear Lord, Chase. 23

Talking about weird relationships, House and Cuddy were something else!




We all have to agree that no one could dislike House when he was being a total jerk. In fact, he was much more appealing when he was.

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Especially when he was being disrespectful to Cuddy. 29House would always have the perfect answer for each circumstance. If not, he would instantly save the situation by doing what he does best. Being himself:

31 Viewers also enjoyed the excellent medical information and the unique cases presented on the show. Not only this, but experimental procedures and state-of the art techniques were also focused on so as to keep the show fresh and interesting. 32 To these experimental procedures, it’s only logical that Cuddy, as the dean of Medicine at Princeton Plainsboro would have a good answer: 33 Thirteen. 34 Cameron 35 We had to count Thirteen again. A woman so stunning deserves all the spotlight.36 37 38 The way he dances. 39 And how he treats his employees: 41Also, let’s not forget the moments when he tries to be evil but ends up acting like a spoiled child. 42His mind-blowing epiphanies: 43The fact that he has the attention span of a 5 year old. 44

  • Dr. House is without a doubt one of the most delicious characters that we have seen in a long time. Who doesn’t love that cynical prick who says things as he sees them and mentally tortures everyone around him? The great thing about him though is the fact, that deep down, he is a good guy. He may not care about many things, but he does his job well, ultimately helps his co-workers and friends, and manages to make Cuddy happy.
  • The list could become endless, but instead of that, we’ll leave you in the company of some delicious moments this series has brought to us. Enjoy! Youtube Video.

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