4 Household Items You Didn’t Know Existed. But They Will Save Your Life

Not long ago, the Internet buzzed with some funny news regarding household items that might or might not exist, as some were just conceptual projects, others were so mind – blowing many people felt ashamed for not thinking to invent them first, while some were so genius in their simplicity, one might wonder how come our houses aren’t already loaded with them. Thinking about these matters a little, we decided to dig deeper into the secrets of the Internet, visit Pinterest for a while, some well – known DIY websites, some dedicated interior design ones and, of course, the lands of all promises and all hopes, the online stores, namely Amazon, and found four household items you didn’t know existed (and if you did and own, you can throw rocks at us for being so ignorant).

1. The Finger Guard

finger guard

Looking at it you might want to put your finger and your thumb in the shape of an L on your forehead, to quote a famous song, and wonder how on earth this miraculous device didn’t make it to your kitchen yet. It is exactly what it looks like: a tiny safety measure for you not to cut your fingers while chopping vegetables for dinner.

Is this a popular product?

Well, not yet, but you can purchase it from Amazon at $7.95 and become one of the few (but happy) customers who left a positive review. They say it’s good for beginners, we say it’s good for everybody who isn’t an expert in kitchen knives handling, Jamie Oliver style. And, brace yourselves! Jamie Oliver uses these too!

2. The VacPan Automatic Dustpan

automatic dust pan

Alas! Technology isn’t just phones and laptops, 3D printed organs and spaceships! It finally made its way deep inside our houses, vacuuming our floors with a push of a button. Hide this little baby in the walls or under stair cases and save your life from dusting and vacuuming and developing OCD symptoms every time you see a strand of hair on the floor.

Is this a popular product?

Well, it may be, but in other places than Amazon. There are some very excited and satisfied customers who paid the best $20,00 of their lives, but this thing has a huge potential. Among the household items you didn’t know about which can save your life, this one makes it a long term investment.

3. Single-Handed Soap Dispenser

soap dispenser

Don’t think about it in terms of “just another soap dispenser” because it isn’t. This is that dispenser you want to have in the kitchen and you’d like to use while holding your palm up so you don’t get the dispenser greasy and sticky and messy. There are women who resent getting their soap dispensers messy and this one is for them, so they don’t have to wash it too after they are done cooking.

Is this a popular product?

For $15.22, this is not only a popular product, it has a lot of 5-star reviews on Amazon. And if you ever stumbled upon the self – draining dishrack presented on the Internet in terms of “Wow, why don’t I own this already?”, these two come from the same company, just so you know.

4. Silicone Rubber Bottle Caps

silicone beer bottles

Really? We stepped out of the cavern and evolved enough to this day, we sent people to space and perform groundbreaking surgeries and still, in the comfort of our homes, we don’t know how to manage opened bottles still containing liquids (usually alcohol) we don’t want to spoil. It’s so good when the obvious strikes you hard and gives you rubber bottle caps to put on your beer or wine bottles, or any other bottles for that matter.

Is this a popular product?

Yes and it has a lot of excellent reviews on Amazon, which, combined with the fair price of $11.11 a pack, it’s no wonder people kept this a secret for so long! Goodbye paper napkins!

Are there household items you didn’t know existed? Of course they are! Tons of them. Some are more useful than others, but in all honesty, some really need to be given a chance. If you find other such tech miracles, don’t forget to let us know too!

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