How to make an 8 bit pixelated costume


If you found our previous article about 8-bit illustrations somewhat funny, you should definitely check out this 8-bit costume made by Kiel Johnson and Klai Brown for a Toshiba commercial.

They simply used a cardboard suit structure and glued large sheets of high density foam to it, so it would give the illusion of “pixels”. The costume is actually a cosplay named “Gary” and it consists of around 4000 “pixels”.

Something that can remind of this cosplay are the pixelated 3D sculptures that this other talented artist managed to make.

making-of8bit-shoes8-bit-sculptuture-making-of8-bit-suitmaking-of-8-bit-sculptureface-8-bit8-bit-sculpture 8bitsculpture 8-bit-jim-sculpture


  1. More of a “hey, look what I did” than a “how-to.” Neat, but not exactly helpful.

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