Huge Crate Man invades Australia

milk-crates This huge creature that reminds of a “lego man” is called Crate Man because he is actually made out of milk crates. He can be spotted on lots of places in Australia, especially in Melbourne. The creators Sam, Jerome, Ed and Gab, have used several colored milk crates to make their unique Crate Man.You can see him climbing up a graffiti wall, riding a bike or just chilling and smoking. This kind of art gives the streets a fresh and different look and it is bringing a different approach to the graffiti that you can see everywhere.

milkcratemanonroof milk-crate-man crate-man-up-on-roof crate-man-drinks afromilkcrate milk-crater-3 A similar thing has been done by a student that used road blocking barrels to create a monster statue that he placed near a road.


  1. I read about it some days ago in another blog and the main things that you mention here are very similar

  2. It’s looking nice but we can not say this an art. Actually Crate Man collect the milk crate and done this cute job

  3. One of my friends already told me about this place and I do not regret that I found this article.

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