Human bones take part in an artistic project against violence


The skeleton bones you see in these pictures are real human bones, believe it or not. Francois Robert purchased some old metal lockers several years ago at an auction, and one of the lockers contained real human bones, so he figured out that he had to use them in some way.

The result was to make different shapes that are 6 feet wide by using the bones – a project he called “Stop the Violence” that will make others aware of the violence caused by wars. The shapes are mostly inspired by war and ideologies, and they are everything from guns and bombs to the signs of the different religions. The shapes look really clean and neat because the white bones are in a great contrast to the black background.

ssssr-bones skull-bones plane-bones moon-bone knife-bones david-star-bones cross-bones bone-tank bone-art bomb-bones bomb-bones2

Others have done a similar thing by using chandeliers to create the shape of guns, bombs and also other amazing designs.


  1. Um, if you come across “trunks full of bones”, wouldn’t a reasonable person inform local police??

  2. How did the Cross end up in an artistic protest against “violence”? I’m pretty sure “Thou Shalt Not Kll” is non-violent… Just a thought.

  3. Javie: maybe because of all the dead “in the name of Christ” trough the ages? Or maybe because of the “we must crush Islam” attitude of many Christians? I could write a full length article about how ALL religions are violent (except possibly some variants of Buddhism… but that may be because I dont know them well enough)

  4. JavieDavie: People have done horrible, gruesome things in the name of religion.

  5. The cross totally makes sense. Why no cars they are way more violent than any guns or bombs. No pools, swimming pool violence is always up around this time of year.

  6. very nice.

    the cross is nothing more that one of hundreds of thousands of military tombstones fashioned in the form of a cross.
    ditto the mogen david.

    i don’t see republican or democrat symbols.
    today, wars are not for religion, but for politics.

  7. JavieDavie: So you have a problem with the Cristian Cross, but not with the Star of David, a symbol of Judaism, or the Star and Crescent, a symbol of the Muslim world.

    Even as a Christian, I know the atrocities carried out in my, and all other religions, in the name of God.

  8. where the hell is the respect for the person whose bones are being chucked around so sensationally? i think the poor bugger should be given a decent funeral and be allowed to RIP.
    or else why not dig up your own parents or grandparents, idiot, and see how artistic you’d feel about arranging THEIR body parts in the shape of a tank or grenade or chef’s knife.

  9. Javie-whatever:

    Religions are not violent, people are violent. Given history it’s likely that it’s part of human nature. The Civil War was not Christians vs. Jews or Jews vs. Muslims. So there are a lot of dead NOT in the name of God too. Seriously, challenge your simple-minded professors now and again huh?

  10. I actually find it really, really offensive that they would have things like the cross and the star of david as symbols of deat; Have some tact.

  11. pretty interesting there’s one for the communist symbol but no design featuring the dollar sign. How many people have died in vain for someone elses profit?

  12. U.S. flag should be there (as a symbol only of the government, don’t generalize it to all citizens)

  13. I have to agree with Chicago. People are indeed violent. There is no escaping that. Violence is a part of our nature. Many atrocities have been carried out in the name of religion. That does not mean that the religions promote violence. It does not mean that they were founded on violence. It means that people have used these religions as rationalization of their violence. If there was not a religion to pervert to assuage their consciences it would be something else. Race, for example has been a common excuse.

    Humanity, especially now it seems, blames a great number of things for promoting violence. Religion, guns, video games. All these things have been cited as fostering violence. In reality, they do not make people violent; they (with the exception of religion which I would argue serves to take away from the power of violence in most cases) are outgrowths of our already violent nature. Removal of these things will not make us less violent. We would be just as violent without theme.

    I ask not where the dollar sign or national flags are (though both are excellent examples of excuses for violence). I ask why the bones were not arrayed in their appropriate shape. The human form is a far better symbol of violence than any of the weapons we have created or the noble ideas we have perverted.

    Remember, war never changes. Since the dawn of humankind when our ancestors first discovered the killing power of rock and bone, blood has been spilled in the name of everything from God to justice to simple psychotic rage. Violence came first, the rationalization came after.

  14. Richard Dawkins? Are you simply irritated by the religion-flavored photos or really expressing an interest in seeing a portrait made from people bones? I suspect you are simply far less clever than you fancy yourself. I will not even deliver the well-deserved red thumbs down logo to your insightful comment so that others may enjoy it.

  15. Ok, I can’t say I condone the Hammer and Sickle or religious symbols (Christian, Jewish OR Muslim) being used next to images of grenades and tanks. But I appreciate the sentiment xD

  16. Why make one that’s shaped like a chefs knife though? It’s awesome, and I want a copy of that (seeing as cooking’s my occupation), but they aren’t a symbol of violence

  17. I find it hilarious that people are taking offense to his use of religious and government symbols when the real message is that we should all be taking offense to the fact that countless million upon millions have died in the name of the meaningless symbole ie. Crusades, World Wars, numerous religious and cultural inquisitions, the genocides that are still being propogated today… too many to list

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