Humans on Planet Earth

By Michael McLaughlin

I’m a musician who plays all the parts of the songs I record, and I decided I wanted to put one of my songs on youtube. So I figured I’d make a little artwork with the name of the song on it just so there would be a static image on the screen to go along with the song.

At the last minute, I remembered that I had some nature footage I’d shot in the summertime and I wondered if any of it would fit into the song. “I’ll just spend a few extra minutes,” I told myself. Nine days later, I was finished!

I ran out of my own footage quickly enough and then scanned the Internet for free or public domain footage that I could use in my video. As I searched and worked, a definite story unfolded and slowly revealed itself to me. Each and every one of the cuts in this video moves and changes in tandem with the music, which was no small feat! When I watch the video now, it’s hard to believe that my original intentions were so simple.

One of the youtube comments said that it reminded them of Koyaanisqatsi. I had no idea what this was, so I looked it up and watched it. I certainly wasn’t trying to be derivative, but I can see the connection.

Now if anyone enjoys this video and decides to check out any of the other 28 videos on my channel, expecting a bit of inspiration and intelligence, I will have to apologize in advance!

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