Humorous street signs in Miami and NYC by mysterious street artist

no-snitchingThese painted and humorous street signs have been seen all over Miami lately, as well as in New York. The artist or artists behind the works are called TrustoCorp. We don’t know much about this artist, but it has been told that it will soon be a pretty intense nationwide campaign of TrustoCorp’s works, and that the signs can soon be seen in several other states.

you-are-not-cool vandalism vandal substance shelter real-man-use-fists prohibided life-is-too-short its-ok-to-play god-thinks-you-are-stupid fat-zone elephant-balls broke-is-the-new-blackSimilar ideas for funny traffic signs are found in the streets of Lyon in France where the signs are showing cheerful and comic messages.


  1. Most if not all of those pictures are from NY.
    i know miami quite well & there are no brownstone buildings. nor a brooklyn bidge.
    in fact one pic straight up says bronx on a sign.

  2. The no snitching one pisses me off. I hope it’s a joke. That mentality kills neighborhoods. It’s not cute and it’s a past its prime concept.

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